WWF Royal Rumble


version 3.0
(July 10, 1994)
by Michael Dunn
a540mrd@pic.ucla.edu on the Internet
"DDS" on the high score boards at UCLA

Changes from version 2.0

LOTS of info has been added and corrected in just about every section, with major changes in the Skill Shot, Modes, and Miscellaneous sections. I also added another strategy on collecting the Light EB mode.

Orin Day helped greatly, providing info about some modes that only he would know. :> Also, thanx to Keith Johnson, Michael Field and for help in earlier versions.


This rules sheet is based on version 1.03 of WWF Royal Rumble, not 1.01 as I had thought before.

WWF Royal Rumble is the latest Data East machine. Two things are strange about it: first, it's a widebody; and second, there aren't any easily-breakable toys. In fact, there aren't any toys at all! There is an upper playfield which is integrated nicely into the gameplay. The reason it seems weird being a widebody is that there is so much wasted space on the sides of the playfield that I think it could have been squeezed into a regular width cabinet without any loss of gameplay.

Overall, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. There are some bugs in the software and a few problems that I'd like to see corrected. I've listed the bugs in the descriptions of the parts of the game that they affect. The bugs aren't detrimental to gameplay, but they do affect a few of the modes. For now, keeping in mind all common r.g.p abbreviations, let's get to the playfield description.

General Playfield Layout

Lower Playfield Description

Left outlane
No kickback. It can be lit for a Special.

Left inlane
Rolling down this lane lights a green "Lite Macho" light at the top of the lane for a short time. But gameplay doesn't seem to be affected by whether the light is on or off.

Left lane
This lane runs behind the Left Drop targets. It scores the "Get Back in the Ring" jackpot when lit.

Left Drop targets (D-E-A-D)
These 4 targets face right. There are 2 globe lights above: the red light is on during Multiball and when the RIP jackpot is available, and the yellow light is on during the Raise the Undertaker mode.

Left Start Mode sinkhole
Starts the currently lit mode when lit (duh!). It is lit at the start of each ball, and is relit by the Center Ramp. The Right Inlane also lights this hole, but only for a short time. Balls hit in this hole are kicked out of the Center Start Mode hole.

Left Ramp
This is the ObDESuperSteepRamp. It has a very wide entrance, but at the top it narrows suddenly, causing the ball to bounce back down more often than not. The ball can hit the switch that registers a hit to the Ramp and fall back down. It's one of the three wrestler shots. Yokozuna, Doink, and Tatanka are collected here. 2 globe lights are above the entrance: the red light indicates when the Ramp will feed the Upper Playfield, and the yellow lights is on during the Banzai mode. If both are lit, Banzai takes precedence. Two diverters can feed the ball to the Upper Playfield, or to either Inlane.

Rollover Lanes
Three lanes placed just above the bumpers. The lanes can be reached from the Plunger and the Right Orbit. The lit lanes can be rotated to the right by pressing either flipper button.

Three bumpers arranged in a triangle. The ball leaves the bumpers down the left side of the playfield, and often rolls down the Left Lane.

Center Start Mode sinkhole
This is a very narrow scoop that can only be hit directly from the left flipper. You need to flip very early to hit it. The ball is usually kicked onto the left flipper for an easy catch.

Center Ramp
This is the second wrestler shot. Bret Hart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Lex Luger are collected here. This ramp also relights the Start Mode holes; the first shot lights the left hole, and the second shot lights the center hole. It can be hit easily by either flipper, and balls are fed to the Left Inlane.

T-A-G Standups
There are two banks of three targets each, flanking the entrance to the Right Orbit. They are used in the Tag Team Millions mode.

Captive Ball
This is located just above the left-side 'G' standup. There is a rollover switch just behind the ball. You need to knock the ball onto that switch to get credit for a hit. If you hit the ball hard enough, it will score a hit on the right Bumper. It's pretty tough to hit this ball, even when you're trying.

Right Orbit
This is the third wrestler shot. Crush, Big Boss Man, and Shawn Michaels are collected here. It's more like a half-orbit, since it leads to the Rollover Lanes. If a ball is plunged weakly, it can fall back down this lane.

Right Lane
This lane is at the far right of the board, at a very low angle. It leads to a VUK, which you must hit to get credit for a shot. The kicker sends the ball to the Upper Playfield. Multiball and Macho Madness can be started by this shot, and it is also used in the Search for Doink mode. If the VUK gets weak, complain, since if the kicker can't reliably make it to the upper playfield, many modes are ruined.

Right Inlane
Rolling through this lane lights the Left Start Mode hole for a short time if it's not already lit.

Right outlane
Can be lit for a special.

An auto plunger. It sends the ball to the Rollover Lanes. If the plunger is weak, the ball can fall down the Right Orbit.

TAG Button
This is in the same place as the FIRE! button on R&B. It fires the autoplunger and is also used in the middle-of-the-ball video modes.

Upper Playfield Description

2 small Thing-size flippers. When the ball drains between them, it is fed to the Right Inlane.

Top Drop Targets
A bank of three targets that can be hit from either flipper. They are used in several modes, Multiball, and are worth shooting for in one-ball play as well.

Top Hole
This isn't really a hole, but a depression in the metal at the end of a lane. It can only be hit from the right flipper. It's used in the Search for Doink and Pandemonium modes.

The loop can be hit by either flipper. The ball goes behind the Top Drops and returns to the flippers. Holding up the left flipper will cause the ball to bounce nicely to the right flipper for an easy catch.

Collecting an award on the upper playfield opens a diverter in the Loop. Shooting the Loop sends the ball off the playfield into a groove in the wood, which feeds the ball to the Right Inlane.

Skill Shot

This is a bit confusing. When the ball is at the plunger, three awards are shown in the display, with Hulk Hogan pointing at the awards in order (like DNA Man in JP). When you launch the ball, the display says "The Hulkster selects the award he was pointing at"

Here's where it gets weird. The instruction card says you should nudge the ball into the flashing Rollover Lane to collect the award. However, the award, along with 10M points, is awarded immediately after launching the ball, regardless of which lane is hit. The award remains in effect for the entire ball.

If you hit the flashing lane (which you can lane-change, btw) you get 10M the first and second times, and 20M each subsequent time. If you hit the flashing lane, all three lanes will be unlit. But, if you hit some other lane, both that lane and the lane that was flashing will be lit.

The awards are:

3x Bonus
Starts you off with the bonus multiplier at 3x.
Pop Bonus
Bumpers are worth 100K per hit. If the ball hits all 3 bumpers, the value increases to 1M per hit until the ball leaves the bumpers.
Long Freeze
Makes the ball saver last longer. There's no light to indicate that the ball saver is on, but trust me, it's longer -- up to 45(!) seconds.
2x Banzai
increases the value of the Banzai mode shots.
Video Bonus
Makes No Holds Brawl (the video mode) easier to win.
Belt Bonus
Increases the value of the Championship Belt Round awards.
3-Ball Pand.
Pandemonium will start with three balls in play.
Long Timers
All mode timers start at 35 seconds, instead of 25.
10 Mil
10M points just for hitting a button! Wow!
M-Ball Ready
All the Multiball start shots are immediately lit. This only appears when you buy an EB.

Get Back in the Ring

During one-ball play, rolling down the Left Lane when it's not lit starts a 15-second timer. Shooting the ball up the lane awards a jackpot. This is a real jackpot, you know, it carries over between players and games? :> The value varies greatly. I've seen it as low as 11.5M and as high as 99.65M (yowza!).

Chair Bashing Round

During one-ball play, shooting the ball up the Left Lane when it's not lit starts a video mode. There are two wrestlers, each holding a chair. Hit the TAG button as fast as you can to bash the other wrestler with your chair. The first 5 hits are worth 1M each, and each hit after that is worth 500K. But, if you hold up a flipper, you only get 50K per hit. Don't be too overly preoccupied with this round, but if it looks like the ball is going to be in the bumpers for a while, by all means, bash away!

T-A-G Targets

Anytime during play except when the Tag Team Millions mode is running, completing a bank of targets starts a video mode. Hit the TAG button a few times within 3 seconds for a 5M bonus. The targets do not reset until you complete both banks and then hit the Captive Ball.

Captive Ball

When you hit all 6 T-A-G targets, the "Collect Tag" light in front of the captive ball lights. Hitting the ball resets the T-A-G targets and awards something. Awards I've seen are: 10M, 20M, Hold Bonus. Awards others have reported are: Light EB, Light Special, M-ball Ready.

When you hit the ball at other times during play, the display reads, "Next Captive Ball Award: something" Actually, the display shows the last award; the award you get isn't chosen until you actually hit the lit Captive Ball.

Upper Playfield

Several awards are available during one-ball play. When a mode involving the Upper Playfield is running, the mode takes precedence over everything else.

The Top Hole spots a letter in MACHO MAN, and opens the Exit. Completing the Top Drop targets advances the bonus multiplier and opens the Exit. Shooting the Loop awards 1M the first time, 2M the second time, and so on until the 5th shot, which awards 5M and opens the Exit. Hitting 5 loops also raises the base value of Multiball jackpots to 20M the first time, 25M the second time, and so on.

All awards (except the Loop of course) are still available while the Exit is open. Shooting the Exit awards 5M and returns the ball to the Right Inlane.

Macho Madness

Spelling MACHO MAN lights the Right Lane and Top Hole to start Macho Madness. You spot letters during one-ball play by shooting the Left or Center Ramp when it's not lit for a wrestler or a mode, or the Right Lane when it's not lit, or the Top Hole when a mode isn't running.

This round is really complex. The object is to complete the Top Drops 3 times, for 15M each time. Then, a 20M hurry-up at the Loop is lit. Hitting the Loop ends the round and opens the Exit.

Hitting one target in the bank starts a 3-second timer. If the timer runs out, the targets reset and you move on to the next belt.

Problems occur in the timer and the counter that keeps track of how many times you complete the Drops. First, the 3 second timer doesn't always count time accurately -- it can run out before you even get a chance to shoot the Drops. Also, it sometimes resets when you complete the Drops, but not always. Further, the hurry-up may light after you complete the Drops twice.

In any case, the round ends when you hit the hurry-up, the hurry-up counts down (it times out at 5M), or the timer runs out.

RIP Jackpot

Each time you complete the Left Drop targets during one-ball non-mode play, a letter in R-I-P is spotted. Spelling RIP awards the RIP Jackpot (another "real" jackpot) which starts at 11M and change. The letters are kept for each player separately.


Multiball is started by collecting all 9 wrestlers, then shooting one of the following shots: Left Ramp, Right Lane, Loop, or the Top Hole. The first time, you can collect the wrestlers in any order. The second time, you collect them in groups of three, one wrestler at each wrestler shot, and you must collect one entire group of three before moving on to the next group. Subsequent times, you collect them in the order: Left Ramp, Center Ramp, Right Orbit.

If, at the start of ball 3, you haven't lit Multiball during the game, it will be lit for you. If you start Multiball on ball 1, you get a 10M bonus.

During Multiball, one wrestler shot will be lit for a jackpot. The jackpots start at 15M (unless you increased that amount by shooting 5 Loops), and go up by 5M when you collect one or complete the Top Drops.

Each jackpot has a 20 second timer. If the timer expires, another jackpot is lit (but it might be at the same wrestler shot) and *another ball is launched into play*. The jackpot value goes down by 5M if the timer runs out (not sure about this though).

The wrestlers are lit during Multiball in groups of three. The jackpot will be lit at a wrestler that you have not collected yet. You can shoot the other wrestler shots, but that will only mean fewer jackpots.

If you collect all 9 wrestlers (whether they were jackpots or not) the super jackpot is lit at the Top Hole. It starts at 100M, and increases in value while you keep balls in play, and decreases if you hold the flippers up. (This scoring scheme was used on DE games in the past, I think "The Simpsons" was one of them.)

If you drain two balls without shooting any jackpots, you can restart Multiball by hitting any of the four Multiball start shots within 15 seconds. Restarted Multiball begins with only two balls.

Later Multiballs have harder rules. You must hit either the Loop or Top Hole to start Multiball, and only one wrestler is lit at a time, in the order Left Ramp, Center Ramp, Right Orbit.

How to Play the Modes

WWF has 9 modes. They are arranged on the board as follows:

Light EB Search for Doink Tag Team Millions
No holds Brawl Sleeper Hold Super Pops Championship Belt Round
Pandemonium Raise the Undertaker Banzai

The lit mode is changed by shooting wrestler shots. Each column corresponds to a wrestler shot: Left Ramp for the left column, Center Ramp for the center column, and Right Orbit for the right column. Shooting a wrestler shot moves the lit mode to the corresponding column, or, if the lit mode is already in that column, moves it up one row. Once you complete a column, shooting the corresponding shot does not affect the lit mode. The lit mode does not change during Multiball.

You start a mode by hitting a lit Start Mode sinkhole, or by spotting the "O" in MACHO MAN. Both Start Mode holes are lit at the start of each ball. Both turn off when either is hit. One shot to the Center Ramp lights the Left sinkhole, and the second shot lights the Center hole.

At the start of balls 2 and 3, the Light EB mode will be lit automatically for you (if you haven't already collected it, of course) if the amount of EB's awarded recently is below the operator's set percentage.

You can have more than one mode running at the same time. As far as I can tell, the software handles multiple modes just fine, although only one mode's running display will be shown in the DMD.

When you start Multiball, all modes in progress immediately END. This can have several consequences. In all modes, you'll get credit for the shots you're already hit during the mode. If you haven't hit anything yet, you may get some token points (usually 5M). However it is possible to get exactly ZERO points from a mode (especially Belt Bonus, which never gives out free points).

All modes that are timed last for 25 seconds unless you pick Long Timers from the Skill Shot, which bumps the timer up to 35 seconds. The points you earn during modes are awarded immediately, and the total you score during a mode is displayed at the end of the mode.

So, without further ado, here are the modes:

Light Extra Ball
The Left Start Mode hole is lit for an EB, which stays lit until collected.

No Holds Brawl
This is a copy of one of LW3's video modes. The display shows two wrestlers. Hit the flippers quickly to fill up an energy bar on the left side of the display. If your bar fills up before the computer's, you win!

It's pretty tough not to win this mode. When you do, you get an inordinate amount of points -- 17.9M (yowza!). If you start this mode by spotting the "O" in MACHO MAN, you don't have to do anything! :> You immediately get about 12M.

In addition to the points for winning the fight, you get a "pin bonus" which will be larger the faster you win the fight. It can be as high as 11M, or as low as nothing (if you win this mode by spotting the "O").

Picking Video Bonus from the Skill Shot will help you win. You'll only need half as many flipper presses.

When the ball is kicked out, hit the TAG button 3 times for a quick 5M bonus. Be very careful on the kickout! The flippers are dead during this mode, and are not reactivated until the ball is on its way up the scoop.

This is my favorite mode. It's a Frenzy with a twist. The value of the targets depends on how many balls are in play:

# balls target value
1 250K
2 350K
3 500K
4 750K
5 1M
6 2M

When the mode starts, one ball will be in play, and the 25 second timer starts. Hitting the Top Hole before the timer runs out launches another ball into play. The first time you hit the Top Hole, 5 seconds are added to the timer.

Once the timer runs out, you can no longer add balls, but the target value will not decrease when balls drain.

You get 5M just for starting the mode, and the mode ends when the timer has expired and only one ball remains in play.

If you collected the "3-ball Pand." skill shot at the start of the ball, two balls will be autoplunged when you start the mode.

The mode total counter will max at 99.9M, but I don't know if the Frenzy points stop being awarded at that point. I would think not, since mode points are awarded immediately.

Search for Doink
Doink is hiding in one of the following shots: Left Start Mode hole, Center Start Mode hole, Right Lane, Top Hole. The shot he hides in is chosen randomly. Hitting the shot he's hiding in awards 25M, and the other shots award 6M per hit.

Sleeper Hold Super Pops
A bumper mode. Hitting 14 bumpers awards 30M. Even though the display says you need 15 hits, only 14 are necessary.

If this mode is running when you start Multiball, you get the full 30M.

Raise the Undertaker
Shoot for the Left Drop targets. The first target awards 2M, then 3M for the second, and so on up to a max of 10M. The targets reset after each hit. If you hit two targets at once, you get credit for both of 'em.

Sometimes, one of the letters D-E-A-D is highlighted in the display, but hitting the corresponding target doesn't do anything special -- it's a leftover from an earlier scoring scheme, and was left in because it looked nice. :>

Tag Team Millions
The TAG Standups are worth 5M each, and you get 5M just for starting the mode. If the ball hits an unlit target on one bank and then ricochets and hits an unlit target on the other bank, you get an additional 5M bonus. There's a bonus for hitting all 6 targets and then the TAG Button, although I don't know its value at this time.

I tend to ignore this mode, since the TAG targets tend to lead to left outlane drains.

Championship Belt Round
Complete the Upper Playfield Drop Targets three times to win the Heavyweight, Tag Team, and Intercontinental belts.

The timer starts at 25 seconds, but resets to 20 when you get the ball on to the Upper Playfield. Then, each belt is worth 20M, but that decreases 1M each second until you complete the drop targets. Collecting one belt resets the timer to 20 seconds for the next belt.

Bugs: Sometimes, the timer will not reset between belts, and sometimes the round will end after you collect two belts. Also, when you collect the first belt, the Top Hole starts flashing. But hitting the Hole doesn't seem to do anything. Lastly, only the first belt's timer is extended by the Long Timers skill shot.

If this mode is canceled by starting Multiball, you will never get some token points, ever.

Hit the left ramp for 5M the first time, 10M the second time, then 15M, and finally 20M

Collecting the "2x Banzai" skill shot makes the ramp worth 20M for the first hit and 40M for the second (and final) hit. Seems like it should have been called "4x Banzai".

Royal Rumble (Wizard Bonus)

After completing all 9 modes, both Start Mode holes will be flashing. Hit either hole and then all 3 wrestler shots to start this 6-ball Multiball mode.

The goal is to eliminate all 9 wrestlers. You eliminate a wrestler by hitting 20 bumpers or completing the Top Drop targets. The two shots are independent, that is, eliminating a wrestler by one of those shots does not reset the counter for the other shot.

Eliminating all 9 wrestlers lights all 3 wrestler shots. The first shot scores 30M, the second 40M, and the third 50M. Hitting a shot unlights it. After hitting all 3, all 3 relight, and their values are 40M, 50M, and 60M. This keeps going to a max of 90M.

The mode ends when one ball remains in play. There is no ball-saver.

After this mode ends, the Center Ramp will NOT relight the Start Mode holes for the rest of the ball. The Right Inlane will still light the Left Hole, though.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Bonus Multiplier
Completing the Rollover Lanes or the Top Drops advances the multiplier. The multiplier maxes at 9x. If you complete either of the advance shots again on the same ball, Bonus Hold is awarded. Completing a shot again lights EB at the Left Start Mode hole. After that, those advance shots score 5M per completion.

Bonus Hold
You can get Bonus Hold from the Captive Ball or the advance multiplier shots (see above). If you get this on your last ball, your last ball's bonus is awarded twice. Your bonus is held across any extra balls you collect on the current ball.

Fun with Bonus
You get a "Switch Bonus" which is just points for hitting stuff, and 1M for each wrestler you collected during the ball. The sum of those two amounts is multiplied by the bonus multiplier.

Random bonuses
Sometimes, you'll get a "Goose Egg" bonus of 10M at the end of No Holds Brawl (this is awarded at random times). Hitting a Start Mode scoop will sometimes award a "Happy Face Bonus" of 20M (this is NOT random, but the conditions that give the award are unknown).

Combo Shot
Shooting the Left Ramp, then the Center Ramp, and then the Right Orbit awards 10M.

EB Buy-In
You can buy an EB only once. When you do, one of the Skill Shot choices will be "M-Ball Ready." If you collect an EB during your bought ball, "M-Ball Ready" will again be a Skill Shot choice. Cancel the Buy-in by pressing both flippers or the start button.

Outlane Specials
Both outlanes are lit at the same time, and stay lit for the duration of the ball. The outlanes are lit by either a Captive Ball award, or by having a low score at the start of ball 3. (But just last week I had 291M at the start of ball 3, and the Specials were lit. shrug)

Matches and high scores
The current settings on the WWF here are 3 credits for the #1 score, one credit for #2, and none for #3-#6. Beware of the match sequence. If you see that you have matched, wait for the thwack. The credit isn't awarded until the match animation finishes.


When Multiball starts, you should be able to complete the Upper Drop targets once or twice before the autoplunged balls make their way to the lower flippers.

The toughest shot is the Left Ramp. It's hard enough hitting it when one ball is out, so hitting it during Multiball for a jackpot is nearly impossible. If you feel confident, you might want to let one ball drain and catch the remaining two, one on each flipper. That should set up at least 2 clear jackpot shots.

If you have time to glance up at the display during multiball, do so and check the timer. If it's about to run out, you can wait and let another ball be plunged. But if you hold the flippers up, the timer will stop counting down, so you must keep the balls moving.

Getting the Extra Ball mode
The first thing I go for is the Light EB mode. The easiest way is to hit the center ramp until Search for Doink is lit, then pass the ball to the right flipper and go for the Left Ramp. That will move the lit mode to Light EB.

Now, you should have the ball coming to an inlane. If the Start Mode hole reachable from that flipper is lit, just shoot it. If not, you have more work to do. You can't hit the Center Ramp to relight the holes, since that would unlight Light EB. So, shoot the Right Lane, fool around on the Upper Playfield for a while, and when the ball drains it will go to the Right Inlane, which lights the Left Start Mode hole! Presto!

This strategy will change if you've already completed the center column of modes. To get to Light EB, you'll have to hit one of the other two wrestler shots repeatedly, but you can hit the Center Ramp to relight the Start Mode holes if necessary.

New Strategy!
If you haven't collected the "O" in MACHO MAN yet, proceed as above to get the Light EB mode lit, and get the ball on the Upper Playfield. Then just keep hitting the Top Hole until the O is spotted. When the ball drains from the Upper Playfield, it'll be fed to the Right Inlane for a clear shot at the EB.

Upper Playfield
The Loop is tremendously easy to hit. You can keep shooting it with the left flipper without catching the ball, but for me at least, it's easier to pass the ball and use the right flipper. If you can get the hang of shooting the Loop repeatedly, do so for an easy 15M and bigger jackpots.

The Drop Targets are easy also, but the trick is to be able to hit them without accidentally shooting the Exit. If you get good at them, hit them repeatedly for a 9x multiplier and an EB lit at the Left Start Mode hole.

When the Exit is open, the Loop (which is the easiest shot) is not available. Hold onto the ball. The Exit diverter will overheat after a while, and it will move back to its resting position. When it does, resume shooting the Loop. When the Exit diverter opens again, repeat.

On all but the earliest versions, this has been fixed. The Exit diverter resets when you hold the ball, and it opens the Exit again as soon as you flip or lower either flipper.

If the diverter breaks, you can continue shooting the Loop for the normal awards and raise the jackpot value.

Bug Reports & Opinions Section

Aside from the software bugs I've mentioned above, there are a couple of others that I've run across. Once, the game froze during the EB Buy-in countdown. Nothing short of a power-cycle helped. Also, if you happen to tilt at just the wrong time, the machine will go into infinite ball search mode, which will eventually end, but it takes a good 20 or 30 seconds.

Once, when I had completed all 9 modes but not yet hit a Start Mode hole, I managed to get the Left Mode Start lit solidly (not flashing as they usually are after all 9 modes are over). Of course, I was curious and shot the hole. Well, the Banzai mode started, but all the GI was off and the ramp didn't award points. Even more, I couldn't start the Wizard Bonus round! :( I wish I knew how I got that Start Mode lit, so I could warn you about it.

If you spot the "O" in MACHO MAN after completing all 9 modes but before starting the Wizard Bonus, the display will act like it's starting a new mode, but in reality nothing will happen.

The VUK in the Right Lane, after about a week of play, has become too weak to reliably kick the ball to the upper playfield. This ruins any mode that runs on the Upper Playfield, like Macho Madness.

The kicker in the Center Mode Start hole is erratic. Once I saw a ball kicked straight into the Left Outlane!

Balls rolling slowly down the Left Lane bounce off the top of the left slingshot, and so lots of nudging is required to move the ball away from the outlane.

The hardware in WWF needs to be working well for the game to be good. The bumpers especially MUST be maintained. If they get weak, or fail to kick when hit lightly, the Wizard Bonus is ruined. One weak flipper will make play very difficult.

Why why why is the Wizard Bonus a bumper mode? Why do bumper modes exist?

On a positive note, neither ramp seems to lead to SDTM drains. Balls coming down the Center Ramp can usually be caught, but balls coming off the Left Ramp will be moving too quickly to be controlled.

All in all, when nothing's weak or broken, WWF is a pretty decent DE pin. I hope the hardware problems I described are particular to the machine here at UCLA. It's at least a good (and cheaper) distraction when TNG and WCS are occupied. :>

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