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Jon Norris' Tournament Mode Notes

Rules, hints and strategies for WORLD CHALLENGE SOCCER when in tournament mode:

For those of you familiar with the standard rules of this game, here are the differences-

  • The "Challenge Match" L.E.D.s are reset to three lit at the beginning of each ball. This means that this feature is no longer a carryover feature. To get to World Championship, two normal "Challenge Matches" must be won during that same ball. The game does not remember any matches won for that players next ball. ("Challenge" may still be lit, but the L.E.D.s will reset.)
  • The bottom three soccer ball lamps are automatically "lined-up" at the beginning of each ball. (Lighting SUPERSCORE) This means that this feature is no longer random. This does two things, first it adds strategy of whether to take "hit all targets" on the skill shot or to take "adv. goal value", so that a shot at the center target is possible. Secondly, it makes "Extra Ball" harder to light, since the center target will have to be hit five times minimum.
  • Mystery feature always awards 1,000 points. This basically eliminates this random feature from the game. Except, this awards "Super Riot" when the goals exceed 49 goals (50+ goals) or mystery awards automatic multiball on last ball if this player has not played multiball yet and won challenge matches are less than five (we do not want to award World Championship from mystery).
  • Do not qualify the "Penalty Kick" feature from the left side rollover. This eliminates the "Milking" the goal possibility from tournament play.

If this game is set to "Reduced Scoring" the following features are effected:

  • "Riot" shots are reduced from 30M to 20M per shot.
  • "Super Riot" shots are reduced from 100M to 50M per shot.
  • "Points Jackpots are reduced from 30, 100, 300M to 10, 30, 300M.
  • Plunger skill shot "Adv. goal value" only advances the goal value one time (instead of three).

If Extra Balls and Specials are eliminated, then 20M is awarded for an Extra Ball and 50M is awarded for a Special.


The plunger shot is two-fold. if the ball is put into the top rollover (a velocity shot), three goals are scored and the goal unit is opened for one shot. or Shooting the top hole (a timed shot), awards the lit value. Note that the flipper buttons change drop target award, but this must be done before shooting the ball. The hole lit value possibilities are:

  1. "Mystery",
  2. "Adv. goal value (three steps)
  3. "Hit all targets".

Strategy Look at all of your options here, especially in the tournament mode. Remember to use the flipper buttons to change the Drop Target award value. If the "Superscore" is active and the game enters a round (we can not keep this feature active during a round because of conflicts with the soccer ball lamps being used to indicate the time remaining) but when this round ends, the Superscore will be lit, but advancing any soccer ball lamp un-aligns the three lamps, disabling this feature.

Rule - Completing all of the Drop Targets awards lit value.

These are

  1. "Extra Ball Round"
  2. "Multi"
  3. "Special Round"
  4. "Ball"
  5. "Points Round"

After all five have been completed, the award is "Light Challenge" (Challenge may also be lit from spelling Challenge from the goal unit).

Strategy Try to have it so that the first challenge match is from the Drop Targets, since losing a challenge match resets the Drop target award lamps. This means that it is possible to earn another challenge match the same ball by simply getting the last few letters from the goal unit. This makes it easier to get to World Championship.

Rule - "Spell" features

Spell WORLD. Completing WORLD awards the "Center Target Round".

Spell CHALLENGE. Completing CHALLENGE lights lower holes for "Challenge".

Spell SOCCER. Completing SOCCER awards "Players Choice".

Strategy Each completed letter is worth 1M in outhole bonus. Completing all three words boosts that up to 100M points (total). If you are close to completing the third word, remember that receiving 100M in the outhole may justify a sudden change in priorities.

Rule - Soccer Ball Lamps.

The left kicking rubber, making a goal or hitting the goal unit when lit advances the left soccer ball. The right kicking rubber or making the right ramp when lit advances the right soccer ball lamp. Hitting the center target when lit advances the center soccer ball. The object is to line-up the three lamps on the same line. If they are lined-up on white soccer balls, then Superscore feature is activated. If they are lined-up on the top purple row, then "Hurry-up Extra Ball" is qualified (Left side rollover for appx. 20 seconds) Breaking the alignment by advancing one of the soccer ball lamps immediately turns off the Superscore feature. This does not effect the time for the Hurry-up Extra Ball. Superscore awards 10M, 20M, 40M (max.). This is remembered from ball to ball for that player.

Strategy As you play, keep track of the soccer balls and when you are one shot away from a "line-up", then it may be worthwhile playing for. Save your "BOO" for when the Hurry-up Extra Ball is qualified. If no boo is available, then quickly hit the goal unit to light penalty kick. then shoot the penalty kick to goal combo for your extra ball.

Rule - BOO

Pressing both flippers at the same time opens the goal for one shot. Only one boo per ball is allowed.

Strategy Save your boo for an extra ball shot. If you are lucky enough and the three purple soccer balls are lined up during the plunger shot, then boo here before shooting the ball. This will give you an open goal for your extra ball shot. If you "Boo" at the plunger, then you will get a letter in "Soccer".

Rule - Goal Value.

This feature is indicated by lamps in the center of the playfield. This resets to 1M at the beginning of each ball. Shooting the lit target (one of the three left or center target) advances this value one time. One of the options during the Plunger Skill Shot is to advance this feature. The steps are: 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 10M, 25M (maximum). This indicates the point value for any goal scored.

Strategy Try to get this up before scoring goals, especially multiball. Look at it this way, if I hit the 10 goal Jackpot with the value at 2M, then I get 20M points. If I hit the Goal Jackpot at 25M, then I get 250M points. Quite a difference. ( this means that the 30 goal jackpot is worth a possible 750M points.)

Rule - Goals

Each goal awards the current "goal Value". Completing 20 (adjustable) goals awards Extra Ball. Completing 50 goals qualifies mystery for Super Riot. Getting High Goals to date awards one Special. 99 Goals are the maximum.

Strategy Always know where your goal count stands at. Also watch the goal value. You may find it advantageous to play for goals.

Rule - Challenge matches and World Championship.

The "Challenge Matches" are basically short round where the only objective is to score one goal. Scoring one goal ends the round and advances the Challenge Matches L.E.D. Completing the last Challenge Match (five total) qualifies the two holes for World Championship. This is like a sports playoff structure. As long as you keep winning, the holes remain lit to enter another Challenge match. But once you lose, the holes are no longer lit for challenge and must be re-qualified. World Championship is three ball multiball, and the object is to score three (adjustable) before multiball ends. Scoring that third goal awards 50M points, ends this round, and immediately begins the "Riot" round, which now lasts for as long as multiball play lasts. This also resets the Challenge Match L.E.D.s.

Strategy The old "Catch the ball on the flipper and let the mode time out to get to the end" is eliminated here. If you do that, you will lose the match and be eliminated from the playoffs and be forced to requalify. Try to plan on which flipper you want the ball to be at when these rounds start, and shoot to the appropriate hole. Do not lose multiball after winning WC, because it is the RIOT where the points are at.

Rule - Multiball Play.

Completing "Multi" and "Ball" frim the drop targets lights the holes for Multiball. You can also get multiball from Players Choice or Mystery. If the ball is locked in the top right hole (plunger Skill Shot) then it will be two ball multiball. Otherwise it is three ball multiball. Here, the plunger skill shot rollover spots all targets and qualifies the Jackpots. If this skill shot is missed, then completing all Drop Targets qualifies both Jackpots. The goal Jackpot awards 10 goals, 20 goals, 30 goals, 30 goals ( note that 99 goals are the games maximum). This must be done during the same multiball (resets to 10 goals next multiball). The Ramp Jackpot awards 30M, 100M, then unlimited 300M. As in the goal jackpots, the value resets. Once a jackpot is collected, the Drop Targets reset, and they must be completed before another jackpot can be won. One side DOES NOT step the other. If I hit the Goal jackpot at 10 goals, then requalify the jackpots, now the value for the goal jackpot is 20 goals, but the Ramp jackpot is still the initial 30M.

Strategy Remember to try for the rollover on the multiball skill shot, this makes that first jackpot a lot easier to get. Try to advance the goal value before going into multiball. Remember the consolation multiball on last ball from mystery, so do not waste the plunger skill shot in lighting the holes for multiball, when mystery will award this feature. Playing for the unlimited 300M is a very big risk.

Rule - Penalty Kick.

Hitting the goal unit or making a goal resets the hidden Rollover Drop Target and flashes the upper flipper lane for "Penalty Kick" Hitting the Rollover Drop Target when this feature is active opens the goal for one shot. (Note that in tournament play, that making a goal DOES NOT requalify this feature).

Strategy Do not go out of your way to play for this feature unless a couple of goals will accomplish your objective.

Rule - Feature Modes (rounds).

The following features remain active during the rounds (listed below): Spell World, Spell Challenge, Spell Soccer (except last letter for all three), Adv. Goal value, Goal feature, and Penalty kick feature. The following features are disabled (mostly due to conflicts) : Soccer Ball "line-up", Mystery, Challenge matches & WC, Multiball, and Drop Target awards.

  • Extra Ball Round- Completing all flashing targets awards an Exrta Ball and ends the round.
  • Special Round- Complating all of the flashing targets awards one Special and ends the round.
  • Points Round- Completing all of the flashing targets awards the displayed value and advances this value (80M max.), and restores the timer to "9" time units minimum.
  • Center Target Round- Each hit on the Center Target awards 10M points.

Strategy Remember that during the points round, that a new timer is awarded, so do not give up even though only a couple of seconds are left. Also remember to play for other features during these rounds. Finally, if Superscore was active when the round started, that it will come back as active when the round ends.

Rule - Players Choice.

Completing Soccer awards Players Choice. The options are 8 goals or Multiball.

Strategy Remember that if the ball is in the plunger skill shot hole and you choose multiball, that it will only be two ball multiball. If you "Boo" and get the last letter of soccer on the skill shot, the game aborts the lit award. Use your boo wisely. Look at status before shooting the ball and see where you stand on completing "Soccer".

Please note that some of the animations will not allow the "spell" features to interrupt them. You don't lose the advance, you simply do not see it happen.

Jon Norris

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