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The MJK Guide
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Last updated: 29/6/93 (6/29/93 if you're American :).

Ok, you all know the routine: This rules sheet is as public domain as it can be, considering that Premier Technology or Gottlieb or someone owns most of the subject matter. Except "Multiball", of course. "Surf 'N Safari" is probably a trade-mark of Premier Technology.

The abbreviations "K" for one thousand points and "M" for one million points are used relentlessly and mercilessly throughout this rules sheet.

Object of the Game

Ride all the slides to complete the bonus grid for various special rounds. And then do it again. Yes.

Your Host

Your host is Rodney the crocodile, who sits in the middle of the playfield (although he doesn't move). Any text contained in "" marks is spoken by Rodney. Rodney is accompanied by various other animals, including a Toucan. Rodney occasionally laughs at you during play (where've we seen that before?), and the Toucan says "Surf 'N Safari, ahrark-ahrark" (well, how would you spell it?) for no absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Oh, and if you think that I've rather arbitrarily decided that Rodney is a crocodile, my evidence is the quote "Later, Gater!" at the end of the game. The correct response is obviously "In a while, crocodile" (or maybe: "While Dile!" :) so therefore Rodney is a croc. Thus proved.

The Playfield

This is a list of the major playfield items.

From left to right:

Souvenirs target
On the bottom left, just above the outlane. Spring loaded, so the ball is bounced back with force from it. It has a line of three purple lights pointing to it, marked '1', '2', 'Extra Ball'.
Saucer, feeds to left inlane through a metal 'pipe'. It is labelled 'The Pipeline' and has two lights marked 'Adv. Double' and 'Lock'.
Ramp around back of playfield, feeds to right inlane. There is a bridge across the entrance labelled 'The Rapids', 'Go For Record', 'Special', 'Million Whirlpool' and 'Jackpot'. The entrance is labelled 'The Rapids', has a picture of the Toucan, and a circle containing three arrows forming a smaller circle (this is the Go For The Record light).
Three Million target
Small target on the right side of the rapids entrance, labelled '3 Million'.
Spinner lane. Sort of a left orbit shot, with the ball coming out to the right of the splash targets. It has lights marked 50K, 50K, 250K and one with an elephant in the lane leading to the spinner. It is labelled 'The Boomerang'.
Splash targets
Three drop targets in the centre of the playfield. They are labelled 'Slippery When Wet' and 'The Splash' and has a light marked 500K. Rodney the crocodile sits atop these targets.
One of those whirlpool/cup/Ken things with two optical sensors. Just behind the Splash targets. Feeds to the pop bumpers via a hole in at the bottom.
Pop bumpers
Three of 'em. Behind the Splash and beneath the Whirlpool.
Mystery award saucer beneath Whirlpool. Feeds (via Rapids ramp) to right inlane.
Boomerang return lane
Impossible to shoot directly from the flippers (although the ball sometimes rebounds up it).
Whirlpool ramp
Feeds to the Whirlpool. It has a bridge across the entrance labelled 'The Whirlpool' and lights marked 50K, 100K, 200K and 'Million'. The entrance is labelled with a picture of a Monkey, and 'Adv. Arcade'.
Snack Attack targets
Three drop targets on right side of playfield, facing left. 'Yummy good junk food' is written on the target bank (oh dear), and the lights in front of the targets are marked 5K, 50K, and 500K.
Arcade target
On the bottom right, just above the outlane. Spring loaded like the Souvenirs target. It has three lights marked 100K, 200K, and 300K. There is also a rather neat picture of a S'NS pin.
Exit awards
These are the outlane drain roll-overs.
Advance Random Slide targets
These are the inlane roll-overs.
Two, usual places.
Two, usual places.
Bonus Grid
A five by five grid of lights just above the flippers, marked with the various bonus rounds and awards. Beneath the grid are two lights marked Special and Extra Special. Beneath these lights is a white light marked 'Double Everything'.

Skill Shot

"Shoot gently, man". Plunge into the Plunge on your first attempt for a random award (see Plunge Awards).

Too gently and the ball comes back to the plunger "You shoot too softly".

Too hard and the ball goes into the pop bumpers "You shot too hard".

If you make the skill shot after plunging too gently at first then you will receive "Absoooluuuuutely nothing".

Ball Saver

If you plunge too hard and the ball goes into the pop bumpers then the exit award lights will flash for a short time (about ten seconds). The exit award will always be an extra ball when flashing.

(Note: you get your end of ball bonus when this happens).

Bonus Grid

Hitting one of the Pipeline, Rapids, Boomerang, Splash (all three targets), or Whirlpool will advance one of the columns on the bonus grid.

The columns cannot be advanced during Multiball or any of the bonus rounds (except for Double Round).

When only one light is left on a column Rodney will tell you "One more for the ". He will also say this at the start of a ball.

Completing a row or column awards a bonus (see Grid Awards).

Advance Random Slide Targets

The Advance Random Slide roll-overs on the inlanes advance a column when lit. Each time you advance a column, Rodney tells you which one it was, e.g. "You advanced the splash". The light will also go out until another playfield target has been hit (so you don't get two advances when the ball rolls up and down the inlane).

On the first grid both roll-overs are lit except for when the ball is being returned from the Pipeline, Rapids or Plunge.

On subsequent grids only one is lit. It is changed by the slingshots or by hitting the lit roll-over.

When only the top row is incomplete (the top two rows during Double Round) the lights go out.

Grid Awards


Bottom row
light Exit award on outlanes. This gives a random point award for an outlane drain. This row is sometimes lit at the start of a game (and hence so are the Exit lights). This always gives a score between 5K and 5M except for when flashing at the start of a ball, when it awards an extra ball.

The Exit lights stay lit as long as the bottom row of the grid is lit, or until the end of the ball.

Second row
light Arcade target. "The Arcade target is lit".

The Arcade target is now worth 100K {+100K} to a limit of 600K. The value is advanced by the Whirlpool when 'Adv. Arcade' is lit (after the Whirlpool has been completed). The Arcade target stays lit as long as the second row of the grid is lit.

Third row
light Lock. "Shoot the Pipeline for Multiball". The Pipeline is lit for Multiball (see Multiball). It remains lit until collected or until the end of the ball.

Fourth row
light Souvenirs target. "Advance the Souvenirs target for extra ball". The Souvenirs target is lit for extra ball. It must be hit three times to advance the purple light to Extra Ball. Each light only stays lit for a short time before needing to be relit.

Top row
light Super Score. The Arcade target is lit for 1M, increasing for each hit thereafter by 1M to some limit. It stays lit until the end of the ball.

These start bonus rounds. The lengths of these rounds may vary from machine to machine. The time left is shown on the bonus grid. During a timed round no other feature can be advanced. When the timer gets to five, Rodney (and the Toucan) count down out loud. When the round is over, Rodney says "Your time is up".

Three Million target round. "Hit the Three Million target". Lights the three million target (for 3M a hit, would you believe, and the quote "Three Million!") for nine seconds.

lights Multiball at the Pipeline. "Shoot the Pipeline for Multiball". This is a Hurry Up award, starting at 5M. The Multiball is lost if the Hurry Up score times out "Your time is up". See Multiball.

starts Safari. "Shoot all the animals for special". Lights the Rapids (Toucan), Boomerang (Elephant), Whirlpool (Monkey - wearing shades!) and Arcade target (Lion). These can be hit in any order for 1M, 2M, 3M then special. The Safari lasts for nineteen seconds.

"Shoot the spinner". Lights the Boomerang for 250K or so a spin for nine seconds.

extra ball round. "Shoot all flashing lights for extra ball". Two (random) slides are lit. Hitting both within twelve seconds awards extra ball.

Completed grid
Each completed grid adds 5M to your end of ball bonus. At the start of any further grids the 'Special' light will be lit. After odd numbered grids have been completed the 'Extra Special' light will also be lit. Extra Special goes out if the grid is not completed before the ball is lost. Completing a further grid awards Special, and if Extra Special is lit awards a second Special.


Multiball can be started by lighting and making the lock at the Pipeline (by completing the bottom three rows of the grid or the Rapids column) or by being awarded Instant Multiball by the Plunge.

If multiball is started by locking a ball at the pipeline then making the skill shot awards three ball multiball. Otherwise, multiball is two ball.

At the start of multiball, two random targets are lit "Shoot all the flashing lights to light Jackpot". The lights are two of: the Pipeline, the Rapids, the Boomerang, the Whirlpool and the Arcade, but not the Souvenirs target or the Splash. Shooting the lit shots lights the Rapids for Jackpot for 5M.

"Shoot the Rapids for Jackpot" "Jackpot!!". Then, all five lights are lit.

"Hit all the flashing lights to light Super Jackpot".

Hitting all of them lights the Rapids for 30M "Shoot the Rapids for Super Jackpot" "Super Jackpot!!!!".

The five lights are then lit for relighting the Super Jackpot, and so on.

The Jackpot value may sometimes be 9M. The Super Jackpot is always 30M.

Scoring Super Jackpots is the quickest way to score really highly, especially during Double round.

After multiball has ended, the Rapids are lit to light the Whirlpool Million "Shoot the Rapids to light the Whirlpool Million" for a short time (see Whirlpool Million).

Plunge Awards

These are awarded by hitting the Plunge saucer which is lit at any time, except during multiball or a timed round.

The awards are:

  • points (5K to 5M)
  • extra ball
  • light Souvenirs target
  • special
  • catch-up score (or 5M if you are in first place)
  • advance random slide
  • advance random slide to top
  • advance D-O-U-B-L-E
  • complete D-O-U-B-L-E (very nice :)
  • award everything (also very nice. Awards special, extra ball and completes the grid. Actually, it can be a bit annoying if you've done most of the grid because you don't get the bonus rounds. It does award all the Row awards though. It does not complete D-O-U-B-L-E)
  • instant multiball
  • swirl Whirlpool (gives five swirls, and advances the Whirlpool value, but doesn't advance the Whirlpool column on the grid)
  • absooooluuutely nothing

There may be some others.

Other Stuff

As well as advancing the Bonus Grid, the slides/targets have other effects.

when completed, shots to the pipeline light 'Adv. Double' for a short time. If collected this adds a letter to D-O-U-B-L-E.

After collecting 'Adv. Double' another target must be hit before the pipeline will relight it.

D-O-U-B-L-E letters cannot be collected during Multiball, or the timed rounds.

advanced by the Plunge and the Pipeline. Completing D-O-U-B-L-E awards Double round. Everything is doubled until the ball is lost (all scores, extra balls, specials, bonus grid advances). Well, almost everything - you only get one Advance Arcade out of the Whirlpool.

when completed, consecutive shots to the Rapids are counted for

Go For The Record. Beating the current record gets your initials in, and lights Special on the Rapids.

During D-O-U-B-L-E round, Go For The Record counts up in twos.

lit for 50K a spin all the time.

lit for 500K for all three targets all the time.

at the start of each ball, the Whirlpool is worth 50K per swirl.

This is incremented by 50K for each Whirlpool shot, to a limit of 350K. This resets to 50K at the start of each ball. The swirling can only add up to a maximum of 9,999,990 (although this can be D-O-U-B-L-E'd).

When it has been completed, shots to the Whirlpool advance the Arcade target value (if it is lit).

Whirlpool million
lit by the Rapids or by the Plunge. Each swirl is worth 1M "Million!" if the Whirlpool is hit quickly. This has no limit - as long as you keep swirling, you keep getting millions (but your arms will hate you for it).

Snack Attack targets
What do these do? Nobody knows. Probably the first hit is worth 5K, the second 50K and the third 500K. The value awarded flashes for a second.

End of Ball Bonus

Calculated by 10K for each lit light on the bonus grid, plus 5M for each completed grid.

'You are Sh*t' Award - er, sorry, the Pity Extra Ball

If your score is less than 10M or so at the start of the final ball, then the Souvenirs target will be lit and already advanced to the 'Extra Ball' light (so only one hit is needed for extra ball).

Also, if you have not had multiball by your last ball then the Plunge will award 'instant multiball'.

Death Saves

Death saves are possible from the left side on S'NS, by bouncing the ball off the pin by the entrance to the ball trough (see the Bang-Back/Death-Save guide on the archive if you don't know what I mean).

After a death save any timed round that is running will stop (except for Double round) :(.

Attract Mode Prose

During attract mode you are treated to the following rhyme (written): My name is Rodney and I'm your host, Ride my slides to score the most.

Apparently there is a similar ditty on Class of 1812.

The End

Not a feature of the game (unlike a certain other Gottlieb game I could mention) but a feature of this rules sheet.

And here it is.

Thanks to:

  • Kevin Martin
  • James Nakamura

Martin Keates.

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