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Street Fighter II
Version as of Oct 11, 1993

DISCLAIMER: This sheet is based only from my limited experiences with one machine that we have locally. Any additional information, comments, or corrections should be sent to Dave Stewart.

This rule compilation and tips sheet is, to the extent possible (in light of the subject matter being the property of Premier/Gottlieb), public domain.

I use the abbreviations "K" for a thousand points, "M" for a million points, and "B" for a billion points.


Street Fighter II (commonly abbreviated SFII or SF2 in Usenet posts) is a pinball machine designed by Premier/Gottlieb in cooperation with Capcom, and released in early 1993. It's theme is based on the popular video game of the same name.

The pin is of standard (24") width. Its playfield has two ramps, standard triangular slingshots above each flipper, one inlane and one outlane on each side, and a dot-matrix display. The first thing you see (or at least that I saw) when looking at the playfield are all the 1.5-in diameter circles which identify all of your shots; not much original artwork there. The machine has five flippers, but when you first look at it you'll probably only see three: the two standard flippers and a third full-size flipper half way up the left-hand side of the playfield, facing sideways. A fourth flipper is in a mini-playfield under the main playfield, and is only activated during a Car Crunch. The fifth flipper is at the top of the right ramp, and it rotates at constant velocity whenever the right ramp is in the lowered position; you have no control of this flipper.

In case you forget, the machine will tell you, "use the flipper!" There are several other quotes in the game, but I don't care to remember them (most are pretty lame) and it gives you something to discover on your own when playing the game :-).

The main gimmick is an upper mini-playfield, accessible only via the right ramp. The rotating flipper tries to intercept any ball shot up the right ramp from reaching the habitrail on the left.


This is a glossary of the shots that will be referred to during the discussion of the game. In SFII, most shots correspond to one or two of the opponents that you must defeat through the course of the game. There are only 8 shots for 12 opponents, as the lower right sink hole and the spiral each have two opponents, and the left and right ramps can be raised and lowered, with one opponent for each ramp position.

Lower Left sink hole
This is the opponent E.Honda. When the opponent is not lit, this hole spots a letter in TORPEDO. Completing TORPEDO starts TORPEDO Multiball.

Lower Right sink hole
This hole has two opponents: M. Bison and Balrog. When neither of the opponents are lit, then the hole spots 1 letter in TORPEDO until the first TORPEDO multiball is achieved, and scores 1M + 1M to ??, and resets on each ball.

Left lane, just past top flipper
This hole is the opponent Blanka. When the opponent is not lit, it advances the Car Crunch value. On our machine you need 3 hits to get the Car Crunch, but this is probably either a self-adjusting value or operator settable.

Left ramp
This is the opponent Zangief. The left ramp can be raised, in which case refer to the "left underpass" described below. When the opponent is not lit, and the ramp is in the lowered position, this shot scores 3M. Any ball shot up this ramp is kicked out of the E.Honda hole. You can also get Zangief by shooting Sagat just as multiball ends if Zangief is lit (bug or feature?). Shooting an unlit Zangief raises the ramp for a shot at an unlit Sagat.

Left underpass
This is the opponent Sagat. This shot is only active when the left ramp is in the raised position. When the opponent is not lit, this shot is worth 4M, and kicks 1 barrel. Kick 4 barrels to start Multiball. Any ball shot through this underpass is kicked out of the E.Honda hole.

Left sinkhole, just to right of left ramp
This is the opponent Dhalsim. When the opponent is not lit, then this shot scores the flame, which is 2M. Any ball shot into this sinkhole is kicked out of the E.Honda hole.

Vertical loopback, just to right of pop bumper
This is the opponent Guile, one of the toughest shots in the game because it has a very small sweet spot. This shot loops the ball up vertically onto a habitrail which drops the ball into the right inlane. When this opponent is not lit, it spots a letter in GUILE. Spelling GUILE the first time gives and extra ball (or 50M if extra-balls are disabled), and scores 50M for each completion of the GUILE. Although the shot is obviously made for the left flipper, it is possible to hit this shot backhanded from the right flipper. I have done the backhand several times while the ball was heading towards the right flipper from the left side of the playfield, but only once when the ball was at rest on the right flipper.

Spiral in upper right corner
This shot has 2 opponents: Ken and Ryu. It is designed to be hit from the upper left flipper only, although a ball from the right flipper which hits a post just above E.Honda may ricochet into the spiral. I've done this a few times, but never intentionally. Although both opponents light up together, each shot when it is lit scores only one of the two opponents. When not lit, this scores 1M+1M per loop. A good shot might give you 3 or 4 loops, but usually you'll only get 1 or 2 loops. The value continues to increase across balls. Any ball shot in the spiral is kicked out of the M.Bison hole.

Right ramp
This shot is the opponent Chun Li. Like the left ramp, this shot is only active when the ramp is in the lower position. A shot up this ramp sends the ball to a raised playfield, which has a single flipper that is rotating at constant speed (you have no control of this flipper). If the flipper does not hit the ball, then your ball goes straight to a habitrail on the left, which drops the ball into the left inlane, and you score either Chun Li when it is lit, or 5M+5M to 25M if not lit, which resets on each ball. Note that after you get an unlit Chun-li, you have one shot from the left flipper to get the next ramp. If you hit any other switch, the ramp raises, and gives you a shot at an unlit Vega. If the rotating flipper does hit the ball, then it either sends it back down the ramp, or onto the right habitrail, which drops the ball into the right inlane. In this case, no points, touch bananas, zilch, and the machine laughs at you! Hidden discovery: you can also get Chun Li by shooting Vega just as Multiball ends when Chun Li is lit (bug or feature?).

Right underpass
This is the opponent Vega. This shot is only active when the right ramp is raised. When the opponent is not lit, this shot scores a random award. Some of the possibilities include points (5-25M), light extra ball, start regular multiball, and spot letters in 1 to all letters in GUILE, TORPEDO, or FIGHTER. There may be other awards too. If you hit the unlit Vega when the DOUBLE light is on, then it gives you TWO separate random awards. This shot sends the ball to an eject hole which feeds the top pop bumper. During normal play, the ramp can be raised for a random unlit Vega award in two ways: 1) Hit an unlit Chun-Li, or 2) have the ball land into the Vega eject hold by going through the green targets (usually a lucky bounce off the Jet Bumpers). If the right ramp is stuck in the up position, then the right underpass will give you credit for Chun-Li when lit, otherwise it will give you a random award every time.

The remaining shots do not have any opponents associated with them.

Skill Shot, step 1, the timed plunger shot
The dot matrix display, accompanied by Chun Li's voice, says "Ready, Set, Shoot". After it says shoot, you let go of the plunger, which sends the ball up a habitrail. At the end of the rails is a sensor, which sets your starting bracelet value. After you hit the sensor, the ball dribbles down into the Blanka eject hole, and the display goes into a shoot the bullseye animation, and tells you if you were early or late for a bullseye. If you timed the shot just right, you get the bullseye, and you set the initial bracelet to 20M. If you are off, the initial value is 5M, 10M, or 15M, depending on how close you are. To score any skill shot points, you must get the skill shot step 2. If Blanka is lit, then you also defeat Blanka [but if it is not lit, do you advance the car crush count?]

Skill Shot, step 2, hitting the Bracelet
The bracelet is a target just above the entrance of Ken&Ryu. It is a plastic target with a metal pin in the center. To get the skill shot points, you must hit this target from the upper left flipper as the ball is fed out of Blanka. If you hit the center of the target, which is detected by hitting the you get double the points. If you miss the target, then the bracelet becomes a "Hurry Up" target, counting down from the original value to 0.

Extra Ball (EB) target
this target is near the back center of the playfield. The EB target is the white one, which is between two red targets. Hitting this target while the purple light is flashing awards an extra ball. There are various ways to light this target, but the target only stays lit for about 10-15 seconds. Note that you must hit the white center target, and not the side red targets to get the EB. Also, there is no grace period on hitting the target after the light stops flashing. The target is pretty much worthless if hit when not lit.

Green Targets
In back of the EB target, there is a single pop bumper, and three plastic targets, which are called the "Green Targets" because of the green lights in front of them on the playfield. By hitting all three targets a certain number of times, you light the EB target for 10-15 seconds. It is not clear how often you have to complete the 3 hits, or whether they must be hit in waves, but it seems like 2 or 3 times, and could very well be self-adjustable or operator settable. You can light the EB many times in a game in this way.

Fighter Targets
These are two targets just to the left of the right ramp, facing sideways. Every time you complete both targets, you spot a letter in FIGHTER, which is shown by red LED's to the left of the plunger. Spelling FIGHTER lights special, which is flipper selectable among the inlanes and outlanes.

Other things to know about the playfield:

SFII has the traditional slingshots above the lower flippers. They don't score anything significant (except for affecting the last 2 digits of the score), except during TORPEDO Multiball when they are worth 3M a pop (along with everything else!)

Double Light
Every shot has a red 'double' light on it, which is normally not lit, but does light up on various occasions:
  • unlit opponent: Whenever 'double' is lit for an unlit-opponent, you score double the value of that shot. For example, E.Honda spots 2 letters in TORPEDO instead of 1, Guile spots 2 letters in GUILE, Sagat kicks 2 barrels, Zangief scores 6M (although the display still only shows 3M), Vega gives you 2 random awards. Every time you hit the slingshot or pop bumper, which unlit opponent has the 'double' lit changes. You start the game with only one unlit opponent having 'double' lit, but at some point in the game I did end up with 2 at a time; I'm not sure how I got that second one.
  • double round: During the double round, the 'double' light for each shot that must be completed to double your score is lit. As you hit them, the light goes out, so that when you hit the last one that is lit, you double your score (if time didn't run out first!)

Inlanes & Outlanes
there are no significant value to the inlanes and outlanes in SFII, except after completing FIGHTER, in which one of the lanes is lit for SPECIAL. You can use the flipper to alternate which of the four lanes is lit.

Second Chance
if you drain within the first 10 or so seconds of play and before you defeat any opponent, the game gives you the ball back, and says "Shoot Again" as though you had an extra ball. You do not get to do the skill shot again, but the bracelet does remain lit and counting down from your previous skill shot (at most 10 seconds earlier!).


The object of the game is to defeat each of the 12 opponents. You defeat an opponent by making the appropriate shot when the white light with the opponent's name is on. In normal settings before the first Champion Challenge, there are always 3 opponents lit at a time, starting with E.Honda, M.Bison, and Sagat. Every time you defeat an opponent, you get a choice of prizes, which is selectable by the flippers. The choices are the following:

opponent defeatedleft flipper selectsright flipper selects
1st 5M Car Crunch
2nd 5M Multiball
3rd 5M Roaming Ninjas
4th 10M Multiball
5th Hurry Up EB/10M Count Up
6th Add 3 to TORPEDO Multiball
7th 10M 1-2 Punch
8th Add 2 to GUILE Multiball
9th 10M Double Score round
10th Complete FIGHTER Multiball
11th no prize; display message only

The points are obvious, but for the big prize money always select the choice that is not points, and when available, always select Multiball. If you don't select any within 5 seconds, the game picks one for you, which is always the left flipper choice.

Each of the above choices are described in detail below.

The car crunch is a mini-playfield under the main playfield, which has a single full-sized flipper, a ball, and a car which crunches up as you hit it. The object of the car crunch is to completely crunch up the car by hitting it multiple times, before running out of time. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hits to crunch the car, depending on how strong you hit the car. The amount of time you have depends on which round of the car crunch you are on. I'm not sure exactly, but you get about 1M per car hit. If you succeed in crunching the car, a white light in the mini-playfield which says "winner" lights up, and you also get the Car Crunch bonus. The bonus for the first round is 5M (3M on tournament settings), and you have about 8 seconds, which is about 3 times longer than you need. The bonus on the second round is 10M, and you have about 5-6 seconds. The bonus on the third and subsequent rounds is 30M, and you only have about 2-3 seconds. Note that you only advance to the next bonus level when you successfully complete the car crunch. In addition to obtaining the car crunch as an award for defeating the first opponent, it can also be obtained by making several shots to the unlit Blanka.

During the roaming ninjas round, the 8 shots (with ramps in raised position) are randomly lit, 2 shots at a time (one on the left half of the playfield, and the other on the right half), for 5 seconds each pair. During this round, aim for any lit shots. The first lit shot scores 5M, the second scores 20M, the third 50M, and the fourth 100M. Sorry, even if you are fast, there is no fifth shot. When you get a lit shot, that shot still stays lit for the remainder of its 5 seconds, so it is possible to get the same shot twice (which I've often done with E.Honda and M.Bison, where you can send a kicked out ball right back into the hole.)

The first time through (i.e. before getting the Champion Challenge once), the extra ball target lights up for about 10-15 seconds. The second time through (i.e. after a Champion Challenge) or if extra balls are disabled, your choice is 10M, not the Hurry Up EB.

In this round, the lower right hole (M.Bison) lights up, with the inverse of a "Hurry-Up" feature. The value of the hole starts at 3M and increases by 100K up to 10M, pauses, then increments quickly by 1M to 48M. No grace period; if you miss the highest value by a millisecond you get nothing.

For the 1-2 punch you must complete Blanka then Ken&Ryu in that order, within about 20 seconds. The first time you get the 1-2 punch, you get an Extra Ball for completing the two shots. On subsequent times, or if the EB is disabled, then you get 25M for Blanka, then 50M for Ken&Ryu. [or is it 10M for Blanka and 25M for Ken&Ryu??]

In this round, you must hit the four lit shots within 20 seconds to double your score. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shots score 5M, 10M, and 15M respectively. The 4th shot doubles your score. This is not easy to do, because the machine picks the hardest shots to hit: among the four shots, you usually have to hit Guile, Ken&Ryu, or both.


The regular multiball is a progressive jackpot multiball, where each jackpot you score increases the value of the next jackpot.

For every second opponent you defeat (excluding the 12th opponent) one of your choices is to start multiball (which is usually the recommended choice!). You can also get multiball by kicking all barrels via an unlit Sagat or as a random award via unlit Vega. During multiball, you want to shoot a flashing opponent to score a jackpot. There are 8 possible jackpots, one for each shot (the ramps are always in the raised position during multiball, so you always shoot the underpass). Two jackpot shots are flashing at a time. When you hit a jackpot, that shot stays lit (but not flashing) and another one lights up, so that you always have two shots to shoot for, except for when you only have the last jackpot left.

The jackpot values are worth 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M, 30M, and 35M for the first seven jackpots respectively. The eighth jackpot (or Super Jackpot) is worth 300M. In normal settings, once you get the super jackpot during multiball, you can keep shooting it for 300M a pop, until you lose that Multiball. In hard (tournament??) settings, after you hit the super jackpot once, you must restart with the first 5M jackpot.

You do not have to get all jackpots in the same multiball, as the jackpots already obtained and the jackpot value are carried from multiball to multiball.

The jackpot shots always light up in the same order, starting with E.Honda and M.Bison/Balrog. The next one is Sagat if you hit E.Honda first, or Vega if you hit M.Bison/Balrog first. The fourth is Sagat or Vega, whichever wasn't lit third. The next four are always, in order, Dhalsim, Blanka, Guile, and Ken&Ryu.

STRATEGY: Since the 8th jackpot is worth the most, and it is the only one that you hit more than once, it is wise to stay away from shooting an easy jackpot (e.g. Vega, Sagat, or Dhalsim) and concentrate on always going for the more difficult shots (e.g. Blanka, Guile, and Ken&Ryu). If the shot you have remaining for the super jackpot is something like Sagat, then you can reshoot that target numerous times for 300M a shot. Whereas if you have Guile or Ken&Ryu, it may be difficult to get more than one super jackpot.

If you start a multiball when the Blanka jackpot is lit, you will get that jackpot automatically, as the plunger shot deposits the ball into the Blanka eject hole.

Once you've gotten the super jackpot, and that multiball ends, the next multiball starts from the beginning again, as though it was your first multiball.


The torpedo multiball is a 3-ball Frenzy Multiball, where every switch is worth 3M. You get the TORPEDO Multiball by completing the word TORPEDO. One letter is spotted in TORPEDO each time you hit E.Honda when not lit or M.Bison when not lit and before the first TORPEDO Multiball; two letters if the 'double' light is on when you hit E.Honda or M.Bison, or 3 letters if you select "add 3 to TORPEDO" after defeating the 6th opponent.

When there is only one letter remaining in TORPEDO to start the Multiball, the E.Honda hole will be flashing, and the M.Bison hole also if it is the first TORPEDO multiball. If you get this, you get the TORPEDO multiball. You can also get TORPEDO multiball by hitting E.Honda or M.Bison when the "double" light is on and only 2 letters remaining, or by adding 3 letters after defeating the 6th opponent.

An average TORPEDO multiball should score you 100M. With a good multiball, you can really rack up multi-millions of points.

The TORPEDO multiball score is the only End-of-ball bonus in the game. So once you get this, DON'T TILT!

STRATEGY: One strategy that I have found works quite well is to pick two shots, one on the right and one on the left, and just keep hitting those same shots repeatedly. I usually aim for Sagat and Vega. The Sagat shot is a fairly easy shot which takes a ball off the playfield for a few seconds so that you only have to deal with one or two balls at a time, and it passes by 3 switches for 9M a shot (as opposed to E.Honda or Dhalsim, which only register 1 or 2 switches per hit). The Vega shot feeds the top pop bumper, which in cooperation with the green targets, will often give you at least five target hits (i.e. 15M) per shot. You also might light extra ball by continuously shooting it there.


Street Fighter II is a goal-oriented pin, and the goal is to become the new master. You do that by first defeating all 12 opponents, which puts you into the champion challenge, then defeating all 12 opponents a second time on the same ball. If you successfully complete the challenge, you get 500M, Special, and you become the new MASTER (the machine asks you to enter your initials).

During the Champion Challenge, all 8 shots are lit simultaneously. As you defeat an opponent, that light goes out. Shooting the lower right hole once defeats both M.Bison and Balrog; shooting the spiral once defeats both Ken and Ryu. Shooting Zangief raises the ramp and exposes Sagat. Shooting Chun-Li raises the ramp and exposes Vega. Therefore to defeat 12 opponents, you need 10 shots.

Once you complete the Champion Challenge, you start over having to defeat opponent 1, and you get the choices for each opponent defeated. The second time around, though, only two opponents are lit at a time, and not three as the first time around. I haven't gotten to a 2nd Champion Challenge, so I don't know if the third time around you only have one opponent lit at a time.

If you lose the ball during Champion Challenge, then you lose out on that 500M, and you must start all over on the next ball.


As with all modern machines, the replay score is self-adjusting. The following algorithm seems to be used in SFII (these are the default settings on our machine, I presume some of the parameters are operator adjustable): You can beat the replay score 3 times on your credits without the replay score changing. After that, it increases by 50M per game, regardless of whether or not you get credits, until your credits run down to 0. It's sort of like the machine deciding that you've played long enough, and it wants to kick you off. After the credits go down to zero, the base replay score is reset. On the machine I played, it seemed like Gottlieb/Premier finally got their algorithm working properly, after those screw ups in Cue Ball Wizard where the replay score was boosted to the Billions! However, some people have seen the bug on their SF2's, so maybe it is a matter of different ROMs. On our local machine the base replay value fluctuated between about 100M and 250M.

The high scores on our machine ranged are all around 1B, and one Usenet post said that Rick Stetta got 4.6B on it. Our machine does not give you any credits for getting a high score, and only gives you 1 credit for achieving the grand champion score. I'm not sure if this is standard or just a local operator setting.

The game keeps track of the "Master", which is the last person to have completed the Champion Challenge. See CHAMPION CHALLENGE description above. You get one credit for completing the challenge and becoming the new master.

The special lights on the inlanes and outlanes are lit when FIGHTER is completed. The lit lane can be rotated by using the flippers. Although I've never seen it, but I imagine that you can also get the Special as a random award from an unlit Vega. I haven't been able to confirm this, but it has been mentioned that the lit lane can only be rotated to the right, using alternate flippers. I didn't notice this when I played, and there are no more SF2's around here for me to check on. It might also be ROM dependent.

I hope you find this rule sheet valuable. I've found the rule sheets written by others (Thanks K&K!) to be really useful, so I hope that this is just one of many contributions I can make in return. If you have any corrections, please forward them to me.

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