Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition


Version 2.0 April 10 1998
Compiled by Robert Macauley
HTML Conversion by Chris Bonney

The following is a rough guide to the SEGA pinball Star Wars Special Edition. First the legal stuff. This guide is posted as freeware and as such may be used In any way, as long as no profit is made from itís use and credit to the author and any contributors remain intact. So there! :-)

Star Wars is copyright Lucasfilm and as such is of no concern to me. Just imagine tm after each word and we should be ok.

The Story So Far

At least I had some warning that this game was coming. Star Wars went on site in early March and for once I didn't have to fight to get a game on it. This machine has been a constant source of frustration (for me at least) as each time I've played it, something has malfunctioned. I've had diverters not divert, stuck balls which messed up the X-Wing to the point where only power cycling and lifting up the machine would solve the problem and large nuts rolling down the ramp and sitting in the middle of the playfield just waiting to be hit. I would assume that this is just this machine with problems, but it really lowers my opinions somewhat. Hopefully I might get to play one that works so I can get an idea of how good or bad this game really is. This sheet is based on limited playing time and is in need of input in several areas.

New to This Version

Some HUGE errors corrected. Bragging section added. I have only encountered 1 fully operational Star Wars Trilogy machine to date. I assume that this is the fault of the operators and not dodgy hardware or design.

Playfield Layout

Starting at the drain and moving clockwise around:

The usual. No kickback, but each outlane can be lit for Light Saber Saver. This is a ball save which switches between outlanes with each slingshot hit.

Normal. Lights Landspeeder loop.

2 of them in the normal position.

Normal size and shape.

Adv Bonus Lane
A small narrow lane just above the left inlane. Only shootable from the right flipper. Can be lit for a hurry-up special.

Light Saber Targets
3 targets completely hidden by the X-Wing. 3 hits re-light the outlane save.

Left Orbit
Landspeeder loop. Feeds around the back of the machine to the right orbit. Awards are given at various numbers of orbits.

F Target
1 of 5 spelling Force.

Feeds to the right inlane and spots a letter in Falcon, unless load X-Wing is lit.

A large gun sitting about 1/4 of the way up the ramp. When load X-Wing is lit the ball is supposed to be caught in the cannon and kicked on to another habitrail which feeds the X-Wing.

A model X-Wing fighter. When lit the ball is kicked out of the cannon and is pulled off the habitrail into the X-Wing. This is a copy of the cannon on T2 and serves the same purpose.

O Target
1 of 5 spelling Force.

R Target
1 of 5.

4 bumpers in a diamond formation in the top centre of the playfield.

C Target
1 of 5.

Top Hole
A saucer which feed to the cannon via a VUK. Used to start modes. Can be lit for extra ball.

E Target
1 of 5.

Jackpot Lane
A small loop feeding the right orbit. Labelled as jackpot but only used in the Luke mode.

Tie Fighter Targets
4 drop targets in front of a large sinkhole. 4 hits on each target lights multiball.

Right Orbit
Same as the left.

HUGE Sinkhole
A sinkhole which would be at home on Hercules. The sinkhole from hell. Can be lit for start hurry-up. Because of it's shape the ball has a habit of looping the edge of the hole and flying back out. Backhand shots work better.


Your mission is to complete 6 tasks which are displayed between the flippers. Completing all 6 lights a wizard award.
The tasks are:

Super Jackpot
-- Score a super jackpot.

-- Light, start and collect any hurry-up.

Falcon Jackpot--
Score a falcon jackpot during Falcon multiball.

-- Reach the first landspeeder award.

Complete Heroic--
Start and complete any mode.

Thaw Han
-- 3 shots to the right sinkhole.

Lighting all 6 lights a wizard award which is called The Redemption of Darth Vader. This is a 2 ball multiball and the objective is to load the X-Wing with 1 ball, then knock down enough drop targets with the other ball to allow the 1st ball to be shot through the gap. Each successful shot is worth 50k.


There are 6 modes called heroics. The top hole starts a mode and is supposed to feed the ball to the left inlane via the cannon. The modes are:

Your mission is to choke Jabba the Hut. The display shows Leia with a chain around his neck which she pulls tighter with each ramp shot. 3 ramps chokes Jabba. The ramps score 200k then 300k and finally 400k. the mode lasts about 30 seconds.

Load the X-Wing and shoot the ball through the narrow lane within 30 seconds for a 500k jackpot. Easily the hardest mode.

Rebuild C3P0. The ramp, both orbits and the top hole score points and award a body part. The points are 100k, 200k, 300k and finally 400k.

Shoot the top hole 3 times to stop the trash compactor. scores 50k+ 100k per shot. Obi Wan
shoot the lit shots to confuse the stormtroopers. The first shot is the right orbit, then the ramp, then the left orbit. Each shot scores 150k+ 100k per shot.

Han Solo
A hurry-up. Shoot the right hole to escape from the slug and award the points. The value starts at 420k.


The 3 ball multiball is started by shooting the drop targets 4 times each. This lights load X-Wing at the ramp and the top hole. Load the X-Wing and launch the ball through the drop targets to start. The ramp scores the first jackpot of 500k+1k for each switch hit. The Force targets are then lit and each 1 spots a letter in force and scores the jackpot value. Spotting all 5 lights load X-wing for the super jackpot. Load the X-Wing and fire through the drop targets to score 1M+ the switch value. The sequence then starts again. There is no ball save at the start which I find very irritating. This appears to be the standard for SEGA pins.

Falcon Multiball
The Falcon Multiball is started by 6 ramp shots. The 6th starts multiball and launches an additional 3 balls into play. 40 switches lights the ramp for jackpot. The jackpot starts at 200k and increases by 2k for each switch after lighting jackpot. Collecting the jackpot resets the counter and you start again needing an extra 10 switch hits to light a 600k jackpot.

Misc. Scoring

Each loop scores 50k and consecutive loops score an extra 50k per loop until you miss. At 3 loops you score 300k. Then an extra ball is lit after 4 more loops, then 300k after 5 more and so on.

Light the 5 Force targets to light a hurry-up at the right hole.The Hurry-up is chosen randomly from the 5 displayed around the Han hole.

Cantina Hurry-up: Hurry-up starting at 420k. Shoot the ramp to collect. The value is re-awarded each time you hit the ramp until you miss.

Hurry-up extra ball: Shoot the top hole within 15 seconds to collect.

Hurry-up special: Shoot the lane under the X-Wing within 15 seconds to collect. VERY hard to get.

Bounty Hunter: Video Mode. Lifted directly from Guns'n'Roses.

Probe Droids: 2 ball multiball. One drop target is raised and your aim is to hit it. The value starts at 250k? and increases by 50k until you lose a ball.

Trivia Game
Thawing Han awards 300k and a chance to play a trivia game. The machine displays a question and 2 answers. Choose the correct one for 300k.

Game Variations

At the start of the game you are given the choice of playing either the normal 3 ball game or a novice game which guarantees a 2 minute game time with the ball saver active. When the ball saver times out, the first drain ends the game. Holding in the left flipper and pressing start gives League mode and holding the right flipper gives Wizard mode. No known differences at this time.


Highest score so far: 67M.

If you have any additions, corrections or comments please e-mail them to me via and I will include them in a future version.

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