Star Wars: Episode I


(v.1.2 ROM)
author: Scott Frazer (
last update: February 1, 2000

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New Since Last Time

  • This is version 1.0
The Story

(Stolen from the Manual)

In Episode I, Luke Skywalker's father is just a hopeful nine year-old boy named Anakin, who knows nothing of his eventual fate as a Dark Lord in years to come. In this earlier time, Obi-Wan Kenobi is a determined young Jedi Knight. Qui-Gon Jinn is Obi-Wan's venerable Jedi Master, trying to teach the Jedi way to his apprentice as their world begins to unravel in political turmoil. Episode I will take audiences through extraordinary realms and adventures, from the desert planet of Tatooine, to the galactic capital world of Coruscant (with its Jedi temple), to the green world of Naboo, and beyond. Familiar Star Wars characters Yoda, R2-D2, C-3P0 and Jabba the Hutt are along for the ride. This first chapter in the Star Wars saga follows young Anakin Skywalker's journey as he pursues his dreams and confronts his fears in the midst of a galaxy in crisis

(end stolen material)

Star Wars: Episode I is the second (and apparently last) of the Pinball 2000 line of video/pinball hybrids.

Credits: 14.
    John Popadiuk, Jr
  • Cameron Silver
  • Duncan Brown
  • Eric Pryzby
  • Jack Skalon
  • Adam Rhine
  • Scott Sanders II
  • Dave Mueller
  • Scott Slomiany
  • Jack Liddon
  • Matt Hale
  • Paul Barker
  • Linda Doane
  • Kevin O'Conner

and a cast of hundreds

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Backglass Art

The backglass design is by Kevin O'Conner and focuses mainly on the recognizable characters and locations from the Episode I film, without being too photo-realistic (imho) An interesting not is that Senator Palpatine seems to appear only on the left side rear cabinet, and the only voice over I remember hearing is the "Wipe them out - All of them" line.


Become a Jedi Spirit. To reach the Spirit level you must battle through Youth, Knight, and Master levels, fighting Dart Maul in a light saber battler at each level. To get to the duel you must spell J-E-D-I by completing the various modes started at the Holoprojector or being randomly awarded a letter through various other means The modes include:

  • Ground Battle
  • Sub Escape
  • Hanger Escape
  • Jar Jar Juggling
  • Podracing
  • Space Battle
  • Sith Droids
  • R2-D2 Astrodroid
  • Queen's Game
  • Jedi Musical Chairs
  • Watto's Chance
  • Destroyer Droids
  • Gungan Battle

Each is described in a separate section below.

Playfield and Basic Rules


Just the two!

Left Inlane / Outlane

No special lights or anything here, the outlanes seems fairly forgiving, but it's adjustable so your mileage may vary.

Trade Federation Fighter Triad

Three circular yellow targets that when completed award a laser, about 300,000 in bonus and half of "The Power of The Force" lights. Oh yeah, and about 500,000 points at the same time.

C3P0 Orbit

A rollover target awards a piece of C-3P0 each time it is hit, but there must be a pause of about 2 seconds between hits. C-3P0 is made up of 8 pieces, 4 of which are lit at the start of the game. The award for completing C-3P0 changes each time in the following pattern:

1st: Light Extra Ball

2nd: Award J-E-D-I letter

3rd: 2,000,000 points

4th: Hold Bonus

5th: 1,000,000

6th: Light Extra Ball

7th: Increase Bonus Multiplier

8th: Award J-E-D-I letter

9th: 500,000 points

10th: 20 Lasers

11th: 10 points (nope, not a typo)

12th: Light Extra Ball

13th: Award J-E-D-I letter

14th: 2,000,000 points

15th: 1,000,000 points

The cycle then goes back to the 5th award and repeats (so there are two 1,000,000 awards)

Captive Ball

Gives some points, but not much else that I can tell.

Watto's Junk Shop saucer

Used to start multiball and gives a random award. Both the Junk Shop and the Market seem to pull from the same pool of random awards. Awards I have seen include:

  • Activate Projector (removes the three hit requirement for starting the next mode)
  • Hold Bonus
  • 10 Lasers
  • 5 Lasers
  • Increase Bonus Multiplier
  • 1,000,000 points
  • Award J-E-D-I Letter
  • Advance C-3P0
  • 500,000 points
  • Light Extra Ball (very rare)

Left Ramp

The ramps are basically mirror images of each other, and both function exactly the same.

There is a drop target at the entrance to the ramp that serves as a "hard target" for some of the shooting modes.

There is also a nifty opto velocity sensor that I'll refer to from now on as the spinner target (because that's what it most often functions like). There's an opto sensor at the tom of the ramp to detect a complete ramp shot.

The spinners award 1,000 points per "spin" but this value increases by 1,000 for each consecutive shot through that spinner up to a maximum of 10,000.

The ramps are also the most abusable point scorers on the table thanks to the "X way combo" scoring. Essentially, if you can shoot either ramp fast enough (about 2 or 3 seconds) after shooting either ramp, you are awarded a combo shot. The number of the combo shot is incremented each time and the point award is the number x 100,000 points. This works past the 101 way combo (when I got tired of waving the ball in front of the opto) which would award 10,100,000 points. You can see why this was limited in the tournament ROM release.

Left Purple Standup Target

Used in various modes, these targets will also help start the holoprojector modes three times under the default settings. After that they only function in the modes.

Holoprojector "Gate"

This is an up/down bumper assembly that provides another "hard target" for the projections to interact with. It seems to me that the actually switch is either an opto or an eddy sensor, I'm not sure which. This is basically used to start the holoprojector modes. Behind it is the "shield popper" which is used to trap the ball during animations before it is popped up to the ramps. Which ramp the ball takes on exit depends a lot on how level the machine is, but I've never seen it get stuck.

Right Purple Standup Target

See Left Purple Standup Target above.

Right Ramp

See Left Ramp above

Mos Eisley Market Saucer

Similar in function to the Watto;s Junk Shop Saucer. The awards seem to be the same, only the method of displaying them is different.

Gungan Jet Rollover

There is a rollver behind the Gungan Jets. I'm not sure exactly what function this serves.

Gungan Jets

Three jet bumpers that when first activated light an additional letter to spell out "Gungan." When this is accomplished (the default setting is no memory, so you've got to do this all in one ball) the right spinner changes to a fish-like creature. Shooting the right ramp at this point adds a letter to spell out "Jar-Jar." Complete "Jar-Jar" and you'll get a whopping 2,000,000 points (try not to get too excited!) There doesn't appear to be a "super-jets" style mode in this game.

R2-D2 Alley "Sneaky Lane"

Besides hearing R2-D2 whistle at you, the only purpose for this lane is to collect skill shots and extra balls.

Sith Probe Triad

Three square targets (similar to the Martian Targets in AFM - only reddish-orange) that when completed do pretty much the same thing as the Trade Federation Fighter Triad above. Except the Dark Side gets to use a magnet and swing the ball around in some pretty unpredictable ways. That magnet is big and fairly powerful. Most fun shot with the magnet? A ball heading down playfield was reversed and landed in the Market saucer!

Right Inlane/Outlane

3 red standups on the right. Shoot all 3 to light Merlin's Magic if unlit. Progress on the targets reset ball-to-ball.

Right Inlane / Outlane

See Left Inlane / Outlane above.


Nothing special, just your regular slingshots.


Standard shooter with NO autofire. This is important during the Jedi Battles.

Skill Shots

The object is to fire the ball hard enough to get up the slope, but not so hard that it will spill into the right ramp return lane. To make things even more difficult, I've occasionally seen a correct skill shot drop to the playfield and head up and out of the lane. Skill shot award is 1,000,000 points for the first time, 2,000,000 points for the second time, 3,000,000 points and a J-E-D-I letter for the third time, and 3,000,000 points every time after that. Skill shots can be attempted at any ball launch except ball savers. You can only collect the skill shot once each time you start the Jedi battle as well.

Ball Saver

There is a brief (~5 sec.) ball saver (after the ball hits either the inlane or skill shot) at the start of each ball. No ball saver at all during multiballs. Jedi Battles are their own thing.

A Word About the Bonus

SW:E1 uses a different bonus system than I'm used to. There are two components to figuring out your bonus: The multiplier and the Naboo Ship. A fully lit ship is worth exactly 1,000,000 points, and the maximum bonus multiplier is 5x, so the maximum bonus, ever, is 5,000,000 points. Hitting the 5x bonus is also called the Naboo bonus, but I haven't noticed that it does anything different other than the music during bonus collection (which is not bypassable). Holding a bonus will hold both elements (Ship and multiplier).


Multiball is started by putting a ball into each of the saucers (Mos Eisly Market and Watto's Junk Shop). If you are playing with more than one player it is possible to "steal" the other players multi-ball prep work by starting your own multiball. Its also possible to knock the active ball into a saucered ball that both come flying back at you. Useful in a multiplayer game, less so in a single player (and absolutely horrible if it happens during a Jedi Battle)

When multiball is started, the center target lights up for a 1,000,000 jackpot. If you drain 2 balls (or 3 if your ball saver is still running) without making the first jackpot you will be offered the opportunity to restart the multiball by shooting either saucer. I think the saucer shots are harder than the initial jackpot, so I'd be surprised if this is used much. Note that the restarted multiball is only two balls (no auto-plunger, after all). If you do find yourself restarting a multi-ball, don't forget to hit that skill shot again.

Here;s the pattern for the jackpots:

  • Center target only – 1,000,000 points
  • Left and Right ramps – 1,000,000 points each
  • Center target, Left and Right ramps – 1,000,000 points each with a Super Jackpot awarded for the last of the three 5,000,000 points.
  • Repeat the pattern.

After you've lost two of the three balls in play, the multiball ends and the saucers go dark. To relight the saucers you need to hit either saucer once for each multiball that has been started. So to lock the ball in the Junk Shop for the second multiball, you first need to hit either the Junk Shop or the Market once first.


The modes are presented in a semi-random order, with only a handful (5?) available at the beginning of the game. For every one you defeat, another is added until you have seen all thirteen modes. Some modes have "Perfect Shooting" awards which can be won instead of the completion award. In the first round, "Perfect Shooting" gets you 3,000,000 points while the regular completion mode is 1,000,000 points. After completing the thirteenth mode, all the modes are made available again On the second pass completion bonuses (including "Perfect Shooting" bonuses) are doubled.

Ground Battle

A Trade Federation Troop Transport is unloading hordes of battle druids. You must destroy the Transport. Shooting the Transport three times will destroy it. If you shoot nothing but the transport you will get a Perfect Shooting completion. Note that there are two STAP's flying around the screen. You can hit them by hitting the ramp drop target then firing a ball up the ramp before the target resets. You'll probably need to have a multiball going in order to do that. You can also fire your lasers at the ground troops (or the STAP's if there are no ground troops). Firing lasers will award you 150,000 points per droid. Hitting them with the ball only awards 100,000 points. The STAP awards are based on when you hit them. The first is always worth 200,000 points (The Secret STAP Bonus). If you hit the second very fast (like the same time) you can get the Super Duper Secret STAP bonus of 1,000,000 points. Wait too long and you'll have to settle for the Double Secret STAP bonus of 400,000 points. Wait longer than that and you are back at the 200,000 point award. How to get that Super Duper award? As soon as the wave begins, before the Transport has a chance to place any druids, hit both laser buttons (maybe even twice).

Sub Escape

The Escape line will slowly dwindle until the bongo is crunched. You have to make shots (up the center or the ramps) to increase the line until it reads Escaped. The ramps seem to increase the bar more that the center shot. I haven't found any specials in this mode.

Hanger Escape

Anakin needs help getting rid of the battle druids coming after him. Shoot either ramp or the center depending on where the druids are. Lasers work in the mode, and druids killed with the lasers are worth the same as druids killed with the ball - 200,000 points each. After all the druids are dead, shoot the center to leave the mode. If every shot you made hit a droid, you should get a perfect shooting bonus. I haven't found any specials in this mode.

Jar Jar Juggling

Jar Jar has too much on his hands, instead of helping him, let's trip him instead. Shoot the center to make him spill the goods. Each good is worth a set number of points:

  • Red: 500,000 points
  • Green: 2,000,000 points
  • White: Increase Bonus Multiplier
  • Purple: 1,500,000 points
  • Yellow: 5 lasers
  • Cyan: 1,000,000 points
  • Silver Ball: Extra Ball (rare)

You only get to collect three of the five items, so choose your shots carefully to maximize your score. I don't think there is a perfect shooting bonus here, and I haven't found any specials in this mode.


Help Anakin try to complete the Boonta Eve Podrace. You need three checkpoints (flags) to complete the race. Other symbols will show up (left, right, and forward arrows). The forward arrow makes you go faster, which makes the checkpoints worth more. Basically try to shoot everything that isn't a checkpoint first. There is no perfect shooter bonus. Specials?

Space Battle

Beat up on the Trade Federation Fighter Droids. The scoring is kind of weird here, as a hit with the ball releases four 200,000 point signs, while a hit with the lasers releases only two 100,000 point signs. I'm going with 200,000 points for using lasers and 800,000 points for using the ball. If I'm right, this is a very lucrative round. There may be a Perfect Shooting bonus here, not sure. Specials?

Sith Droids

Help Queen Amadala shoot three sith probe droids that are causing her anguish. Lasers not allowed. The target gets faster in later rounds of this mode. You score about 250,000 points per droid. There is likely a perfect shooting bonus. Specials, anyone?

R2-D2 Astrodroid

This is a series of six hurry-ups. Each hurry-up starts at 500,000 no matter what the last one started or ended at. The hurry-up will be reset and increased by 100,000 points for each ramp shot made, up to 2,000,000 maximum. Since you can be working the combo abuse during this stage, it makes it a very high scorer. If the hurry-up hits bottom (50,000 points) you will not be able to reset it for that droid. No perfect shooting bonus. Specials?

Queen’s Game

The object is to reveal the six fashion plates showing the Queen's various looks. Reveal a plate by triggering the left or right spinner. Spin the plates by shooting the center or firing lasers. I'm not sure of the point values. I don't think there is a perfect shooter bonus. Specials? (I keep hoping for some)

Jedi Musical Chairs

Five awards will be randomly assigned to council members. You'll get three of them so try to make them count. Shoot the center or the ramps to bounce the members around while the music is playing. When it stops you have 20 seconds to shoot the center to collect the award there. Here are the awards I've seen:

  • 5,000 points
  • 10,000 points
  • 20,000 points
  • 50,000 points
  • 100,000 points
  • 500,000 points
  • 1,000,000 points

Losing the ball while a council member is waiting to be collected loses that award. No perfect shooting bonus, and I'm sure there's got to be a special in there somewhere.

Watto's Chance

Very simple. Shoot whichever cube Watto is behind to advance the conversation. Three hits is all you need. Perfect Shooting? Not sure. Specials? I kinda doubt it.

Destroyer Droids

Very similar to the Sith Droids, but with different graphics and you have to hit 6 of them to end the scene.

Gungan Battle

Very similar to the Sith Droids, but with different graphics and you have to hit 6 of them to end the scene.

Jedi Battles

During these battles you can have up to three balls in play and any that are lost are refed to the shooter for you to manually plunge. Only the first plunged ball is eligible for a skill shot.

Darth Maul will attack Qui-Gon on his own, but your shots cause Qui-Gon to attack back. The best shots are ramp combos (go figure!) Basically you are racing against time to lower Darth Maul's health meter to zero. His attacks get faster with each successive duel.

5,000,000 points are awarded for a "win." 1,000,000 points are awarded for a loss. You get the ranking whether you win or lose.

The locales cycle after 4 battles.

It's hard to tell how many points any given shot is worth at the stage, as the point totals are removed from the screen.


Extra Balls

Extra Balls can be lit by:

  • building C-3P0 (over and over)
  • Scoring 20,000,000 points (default)
  • Scoring 60,000,000 points (default)
  • Random awards from the Market and Junk shop or in some of the modes, such as Jar Jar Juggling and Jedi Musical Chairs

Lit Extra Balls are collected at the R2-D2 "Sneaky" lane. It's generally accepted that hitting that switch without scoring a skill shot is just luck. All extra balls seem to remain lit between balls.

Cows and Other Easter Eggs

I haven't seen a single cow. Is this George's fault?

Try this flipper code for some credits:

B-24R-1L-9R-1L-14R-1L-1R-1L (should be XINA which means Xina Is Not Appl)


Please email with comments and corrections; I'm sure there are many more wonderful pieces of misinformation.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Bowen Kerins for the format of this sheet. It's blatantly plagiarized (without permission, even) from his excellent Medieval Madness rulesheet.

Thanks to Tom DeAngelo for the machine I gathered this info from.

Thanks also to my wife who continues to put up my irrational hobbies.

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