by G. Willardson
with thanks to J. Weaver, Jr. for the Family Guy rulesheet Version 2.0 April 30, 2011

Playfield Tour

Clockwise from the flippers:

raised by hitting the "Pinocchio" drop target, this post times out with the sounding of four "gongs". Yes, you can still drain around the post, if your flipper work is bad enough.
"Tell a Lie" INLANE
scores 10; when lit, raises the Pinocchio drop target; feeds the left flipper.
"2X Gingy" INLANE
scores 10; when lit (alternating with the "2X Fiona" inlane, switched by either sling), doubles the value of the Gingy Spinner shot for a brief time; feeds the left flipper.
"Extra Ball" OUTLANE
scores 10; when lit, awards an extra ball.
"Fiona" TARGET
scores the "Fiona" value in certain modes, along with 100K for the first hit of each ball, increasing by 15K with each additional shot; lights the Fairy target.
scores the "PUSS in Boots"-value in certain modes, along with 100K for the first hit of each ball, increasing by 10K with each additional shot. The shot does not "orbit", but returns back down the left side to the flippers, and in most cases drops the CASTLE GUARD target, and advances its value, and lights the Castle Guard Jackpot for a short time.
"Pinocchio" DROP TARGET
scores 200K for the first hit of each ball, increasing by 25K for each additional hit; raises the ball saver post for a short period of time. Up at the start of each game.
scores 750 for each target dropped. When completed, reduces the number of "DROP TARGET HITS TO START MULTIBALL" shown above the right flipper by one; completing the count starts Shrek Multiball (see below). The lowest target is also lit for "SKILL SHOT" at the start of each ball; hitting it when lit scores 500K the first time in each game, increasing by 250K each additional time the Skill Shot is made.
scores 5,510 for the first shot of each game, increasing by 500 for each additional shot. Increases the ramp count; reaching indicated numbers lights the upper captive ball for Extra Ball. The Castle Guard target drops in front of this ramp; hitting it (whether or not the ramp shot is completed) scores the sum of the point lights flashing in front of the ramp, and/or starts Repay Your Debt mode, if that light is flashing. The ramp also lights Merlin and advances the pop bumper values; it feeds the lower left flipper via the "2X Gingy" inlane.
scores 10 for each target dropped. When completed, scores a "Shrek" value in certain modes, and advances the end of ball bonus multiplier, to a maximum of 5X. The first completion of each ball scores 100K, increasing by 20K with each additional completion to a maximum of 250K.
"Prince Charming"
scores 10; advances toward the Prince Charming Awards (see below).
one near Shrek (green, scores 220 per hit), one tucked under the mini playfield (white, scores 220 per hit), and a third one directly behind Prince Charming (yellow, scores 520 per hit). Increased in value by successive ramp shots: the first increases the white bumper to 520 per hit, the second increases the red bumper to 520 per hit, and the third triggers quotes with each bumper hit. Hitting any bumper rotates both the currently selected Prince Charming mode and swamp mode through the remaining unplayed modes.
"Merlin" ("MYSTERY")
scores 10; when lit, scores a "randomly" selected value (see below). Lit at the start of each ball; ejects into the bumpers.
a separate mini playfield, complete with its own mini flippers and pinball. There are five scoring shots on the playfield (from left to right):
  • FIONA (left orbit)
  • MAN "Gingy" (standup target)
  • SHREK (standup target)
  • PUSS (ramp, feeding left mini flipper)
  • CHARM (right orbit)
There are also inlanes on both sides of the playfield, feeding their respective mini flippers; the mini ball is placed into play by being shot up the right inlane. Completing all the character shots on the mini playfield starts Donkey Multiball. The mini playfield shots also add points to the Jackpot value for "Far Far Away".
"Puss in Boots JACKPOT" LANE
when lit, the first Jackpot of each ball scores 500K, increasing by 50K with each additional Jackpot; the Jackpot light is timed, so a lucky bounce and a skillful shot can score two PIB Jackpots from one lighting. When not lit, the first shot of each ball through the lane scores 250K, increasing by 25K with each additional shot to a maximum of 500K. The lane can also be lit for Super Jackpot, and is also the secret Skill Shot; hitting this lane when "SKILL SHOT" is lit scores double the current Skill Shot value, and increases the next Skill Shot award by 250K. The lane passes under the Donkey playfield, feeding the right orbit.
"Donkey" TARGETS
when lit, scores the "Donkey" value in certain modes. Between modes, score 100K for the first hit of each ball, increasing by 10K with each additional hit, and add 1 second to the starting time for the next round of Donkey Pinball (which starts at 15 seconds).
scores 11,040; adds a letter to "P-I-N-B-A-L-L". This shot is also lit for a Jackpot in certain modes, and for Extra Ball, and is the second half of the "PINBALL COMBO", beginning with either orbit shot. The Combo value starts at 500K, and increases by 50K for each additional combo hit; a combo starting with the right orbit (Gingy) scores the full Combo value, while a combo starting with the left orbit (Puss in Boots) scores half the current Combo value.
"Fairy Godmother" TARGET
scores 10; when lit, scores a "random" Fairy value (see below).
when not lit, scores a random number of points, between 20K and 120K. When lit (in order of priority): "MULTIBALL" starts Far Far Away Wizard Mode, "P-I-N-B-A-L-L" starts Donkey Pinball (on the mini playfield), and "SWAMP" starts the flashing swamp mode (or Wizard mode). The swamp ejects to the right flipper.
scores 11040; adds a letter to "P-I-N-B-A-L-L". This shot is also lit for a Jackpot in certain modes.
when lit, scores the "Gingy" value in certain modes; hitting the Spinner also advances toward lighting the "Swamp". The first spinner rotation of each ball scores 1K, increasing by 50 with each additional rotation to a maximum of 5K. Completing the right orbit shot exits the left orbit (like the return from a Puss-in-Boots shot).
scores 10; when lit, awards a Special.
"2X Fiona" INLANE
scores 10; when lit (alternating with the "2X Gingy" inlane, switched by either sling), doubles the value of the Fiona shot for a brief time; feeds the right flipper.

"Prince Charming" Modes

The currently selected (flashing) Prince Charming mode is rotated through the remaining un-played modes by hitting any of the three bumpers. Hitting Prince Charming the indicated number of times (starting at 5, and increasing by 1 after each award) awards the currently flashing value:

scores 24,570 (12K prior to "v11.0") per villain hit so far in the game. This mode does not appear to score any points whatsoever if it's the last of the five Prince Charming modes collected, but it still does.
"3 little Pigs"
advances the pop bumpers to their maximum point values.
"Un-Happy Hour"
for 20 seconds, doubles the value of all scores.
"Once Upon a time"
starts a Jackpot shot at a randomly selected character, which counts down from a starting value of 3M (increasing by 1M with each additional "Once Upon a Time" mode) to a minimum of 750K, and then times out. Hitting the selected character scores the current value.
2-ball multiball with a generous ball saver, with six Jackpot shots (Fiona, Puss in Boots, Shrek, Gingy, and both captive balls). The first Dragon Multiball Jackpot of each game scores 250K, increasing by 100K with each additional Jackpot, to a maximum of 750K. Each Jackpot hit also resets the countdown timer to 10 seconds; if the countdown timer expires, one of the already hit Jackpots is relit. Collecting all six of the lit Jackpots at the same time turns off the countdown timer, and lights the Castle Guard Jackpot lane for Super Jackpot, which scores 3M, and restarts the mode. Dragon Multiball ends when only one ball remains on the playfield.
When all five Prince Charming Modes are completed, they reset, and can all be awarded again.

Swamp Modes

The currently selected (flashing) Swamp mode is rotated through the remaining unplayed modes by hitting any of the three bumpers. Hitting the "Gingy" Spinner the indicated number of times (starting at 10, and increasing by 5 after each award, to a maximum of 30) lights the swamp to start a swamp mode. When "swamp" is lit, hitting the scoop scores 500K and starts the currently flashing mode:

for 30 seconds, each of these lit shots scores 500K, increasing by 100K with each additional shot, to a maximum of 1M per shot.
"Dinner Theater"
within 30 seconds, hit each of the 6 characters once to activate their super powers. The first character hit scores 750K, increasing by 50K for each additional character hit, up to 1M for the final character. Hitting all 6 character shots also scores a 1M bonus, for a total mode maximum of 6.75M.
"Wrestling Match"
every playfield switch made scores a "hit" on the Knight, who randomly hits Shrek back. When one of the "life" bars under the Shrek or the knight on the DMD reaches "KO", the mode ends; either "Shrek WINS" or "knight WINS" is displayed, along with the total number of points scored during the mode. There appears to be a point bonus (value unknown) for winning the fight.
"Potion Problems"
for 30 seconds, "any shot" (Fiona, Puss in Boots, Shrek, Gingy, or the ramp) scores 300K points, increasing by 50K each time the Donkey targets are hit, to a maximum of 750K.
"Ogres are Onions" ("SHOOT Shrek ("X-X-X" TARGET BANK), Prince Charming, Puss in Boots, AND Donkey. MORE PEOPLE SCORES MORE POINTS!")
for 30 seconds, each of these 4 character shots score points depending on the total number of different characters hit during the course of the mode, as follows:
  • 1 character - 250K per hit
  • 2 characters - 500K per hit
  • 3 characters - 750k per hit
  • 4 characters - 1M per hit
Press both flipper buttons together at the start of any mode to eject the ball immediately. When all five SWAMP modes have been completed, they all stay lit, and shooting the scoop with "SWAMP" lit starts...

Swamp Wizard Mode

Starting this mode scores 1M ("SWAMP BONUS"). The starting Jackpot for the mode is then set based on what you've previously done during the entire game to that point, as follows:

  • 250K for each SWAMP Wizard start
  • 30K for each Bridge to Fiona shot
  • 50K for each Dinner Theater shot
  • 30K for each Wrestling Match shot
  • 15K for each Potion Problems shot
  • 30K for each Orges are Onions shot
NOTE: beginning with "v11.0", the five Prince Charming mode shot counts are now reset to zero after each Swamp Wizard mode.


When the mode starts, all Jackpots are lit, and the Jackpot value starts counting down from the starting value computed above to 250K; when it reaches 250K, a 3-second countdown starts to the end of the mode.

Hitting the first Jackpot shot scores 1X the current Jackpot value, increasing by 1X with each additional Jackpot shot. During the first grouping, hitting 1 Jackpot will light the scoop, increasing by 1 with each additional grouping, to a maximum of 7 Jackpot shots required to light the scoop. Each Jackpot can only be scored once in each grouping. Hitting the Puss/Castle Guard Jackpot combo (starting with both Jackpots lit) scores double the normal value for the Castle Guard Jackpot shot.

Hitting the lit scoop scores the current Jackpot value, times the current multiplier. The Jackpot value is then reset to its starting value, the multiplier is reset to 1X, all Jackpots are relit, and the ball ejected to start the next grouping. ("JACKPOT RESET / MULTIPLIERS RESET / JACKPOTS RELIT")

When SWAMP Wizard mode is completed, all the Swamp modes reset, and can all be awarded again.


When "P-I-N-B-A-L-L" is lit, hitting the scoop deadens the flippers on the main playfield, and activates the mini flippers on the Donkey playfield; the mini ball is launched up the right inlane to start the mode. While the "Donkey TIME" on the DMD counts down, the orange light between the mini flippers remains lit, and any drain is relaunched; the mode ends when the mini ball drains with no time remaining.

The first shot at each character of each Donkey Pinball session scores the character's base value (100K for Fiona, 50K for all others), increasing by the base value with each additional shot.

The first character completed (3 shots for Man, 4 for Puss, 5 for all others) of each session scores 500K and increases the playfield multiplier for the rest of the ball in play, increasing by 500K for each additional completion to a maximum of 1.5M and 3X. All character shots score half their base value (times any playfield multiplier) after the character has been completed. The playfield multiplier resets at the start of each Donkey Pinball session.

Completing all five characters reactivates the main playfield flippers, and starts...


Press both flipper buttons together at the start of this mode to bypass the lengthy DMD instructions:


Each character needs to be completed both on the mini playfield and on the main playfield (where all balls are launched, with a generous ball saver). The lights in front of each character on the main playfield and on the mini playfield are lit when that shot is qualified; the character lights above the left flipper are flashing when one of the shots for that character has been made, and on steady when both shots have been made.

Each Jackpot scores 500K, plus a 100K bonus for each character already completed (?). Completing all characters lights the Castle Guard Jackpot lane for Super Jackpot. ("SHOOT SUPER JACKPOT FOR 2,000,000") When the Super Jackpot is hit, all Jackpots reset; completing them all and hitting the Super Jackpot a second time in the same Donkey Multiball scores 3M. Scoring the Super Jackpot also lights Merlin for a few seconds; when lit, Merlin scores a "TRIPLE SUPER SECRET JACKPOT", worth triple the value of the Super Jackpot just awarded.

The mini ball is relaunched whenever the orange light between the mini flippers is lit. When time expires, hitting either of the Donkey targets on the main playfield restarts the clock ("Donkey TARGETS RELAUNCH MINI-BALL").

Donkey Multiball ends when only one ball remains on the main playfield; there is a good "grace period" when only one ball remains in which to score additional Jackpots, or add additional balls to continue the mode.

End of Ball Bonus

The end of ball bonus starts at 75K on the first ball, increasing by 25K on each additional ball. Added to the bonus are the following values per character shot made during the ball:

  • Donkey - 20K
  • Man - 30K
  • Charm - 20K
  • Puss - 5K
  • Fiona - 10K
  • Shrek - 10K
This total is then multiplied by the bonus multiplier accumulated during the ball to get the bonus total.

Fairy Godmother AWARDS

Hitting the lit Fairy Godmother target awards one of the following:

  • 3 Charming HITS
  • ADD-A-BALL (only awarded while a multiball mode is in progress)
  • Repay Your Debt Time (only awarded while Re-pay Your Debt is in progress)
  • Un-HAPPY HOUR TIME (only awarded while Un-Happy Hour is in progress)
  • HURRY UP RESET (only awarded while .Once upon a Time. is in progress)
  • PINBALL LETTER (only awarded when P-I-N-B-A-L-L is not already lit)
  • MORE SWAMP TIME (only awarded while a Swamp mode is in progress)


Hitting the lit Merlin awards one of the following:

  • BONUS MULTIPLIER (increases by 1X)
  • COLLECT BONUS (just like at the end of a ball)
  • Castle Guard JACKPOT LIT (staying lit until you hit it)
  • "Baby" MULTIBALL (awarded more often when needed for "Far Far Away")
  • HOLD BONUS X (holds the bonus multiplier until next ball)
  • LIGHT SPECIAL (on the left outlane)
  • LIGHT PINBALL (on the scoop)
  • LIGHT SPECIAL (on the right outlane)
  • LIGHT Swamp MODE (on the scoop)
  • RAISE BALL SAVER (between the flippers)
  • RAISE Pinocchio target
  • SPOT Character (completes one character for Donkey Pinball)

START Far Far Away

In a refreshing improvement over previous Stern/PLD games, none of these awards will be given when they would be useless (for example, "LIGHT PINBALL" when it's already lit). One exception: you can collect "LIGHT Swamp MODE" if the Swamp mode is already lit but not showing, hidden behind the higher-priority "PINBALL" being lit on the scoop.


To start Baby Multiball, complete the Baby targets 3 times, increasing by 1 for each additional Baby Multiball start, to a maximum of 6; the first Baby Multiball (with a very short ball saver) starts with 2 balls, with each additional Baby Multiball starting with 3 balls. The value of each Baby Multiball Jackpot is 20K times the number of switch hits required to score the jackpot, as follows:

BMB session 1st 2nd 3rd & on
1st Jackpot 10 12 15
2nd Jackpot 12 14 18
3rd Jackpot 14 17 21
4th Jackpot 16 19 24
5th Jackpot 18 22 27
6th & on 20 25 30

Re-Pay your Debt

For 20 seconds, lit shots score 200K times the number of Castle Guard shots made (at the front of the ramp) since the last time the .Re-pay your Debt. mode was started, to a maximum of 1M per shot.

If Re-Pay your Debt mode is started as an award from Merlin, lit shots score 400K each.

Far Far Away

The final wizard mode, qualified by excelling in six of the other facets of the game. To see where you stand, hold either flipper for "INSTANT INFO"; the third screen shown will be the "Far Far Away" REQUIREMENTS, with those you have completed highlighted:

  • "5 CG JPS" - 5 Castle Guard Jackpots
  • "10 Re-debt SHOTS"-10 lit shots during repay your debt mode
  • "15 Baby JPS" - 15 Jackpots during Baby Multiball
  • "Prince Charming" - all five Charming awards
  • "Donkey SJP" - Super Jackpot during Donkey Multiball.
  • "Swamp WIZARD 25M" - 25M or more points scored during Swamp Wizard mode
Completing all of these requirements lights "MULTIBALL" on the scoop; shooting the scoop starts "Far Far Away".

In the first phase, played on the Donkey playfield for 18 seconds, each character shot adds 50K (Shrek and Man), 75K (Fiona and Charm) or 100K (Puss) to the starting Jackpot value of 1M ("BUILD JACKPOT"). Drained balls are re-launched as long as there is time remaining; when time expires, the mini flippers are deadened immediately to end the phase.

In the second phase, played on the main playfield, all balls are launched, with a generous ball saver. Each of the lit Jackpot shots score the value earned during the first phase.

When the ball saver has expired and only two balls remain, Merlin is lit. ("SHOOT Merlin!") Shooting Merlin scores 2M, and starts a 10-second timer for the scoop shot ("SHOOT THE SWAMP!!"). If the scoop is not hit in time, the ball in Merlin is ejected; making the shot scores 2M ("Swamp LOCK"), and Re-starts the first phase of "Far Far Away" by launching the mini ball on the Donkey playfield for another 18 seconds to build onto the existing Jackpot value. When that timer expires, the two locked balls are released to restart the second phase, and a third ball is launched, with ball saver restarted. As before, the saucer lights when only two balls remain.

"Far Far Away" ends when only one ball remains on the main playfield. At that point, all of the Far Far Away requirements are reset, and can all be earned again.

Disclaimer, This information was borrowed from the FG pinball rulesheet and updated with several hours of cross referencing playfield and characters to make it work for The SHREK version. The FG rulesheet had the below disclaimer:

This rulesheet is copyright (c) 2007-2008 by J. Weaver Jr. All rights are reserved. You are free to copy this rulesheet wherever and whenever you please, as long as it (including this notice) remains complete and unchanged, and no fee is charged for its distribution (other than whatever we're all paying to connect). Although, really, you'd be better off just linking to, which will always redirect to the latest available version.

Additions/subtractions/corrections are welcome, and will be credited in future revisions. Please address them to "jwjr (at) pobox (dot) com", and put "FGY" somewhere in the subject to (hopefully) bypass my spam filters.

This rulesheet covers FGY software version "12.0", as witnessed on a machine with (mostly) factory settings, on "FREE PLAY"; YMMV with different software versions and setups. Phrases in quotes and caps between parentheses are actually displayed on the DMD.

Thanx to "Paul" for Meg and Crazy Chris corrections, and "phish" and "Twp1" for TV Wizard mode corrections.

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