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[1.1] Legal Stuff:
Mentions of any trademarks or copyrights are not intended as challenges to any of those rights. This document is for emotional, educational, and physical development regarding you and the game. Any other uses are prohibited. Do not get wet, do not taunt, use at your own risk. Do not use through a hole in a sheet.

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[1.3] Rulesheet History:
  • v1.0: Initial Rulesheet by Matt Coriale
  • v2.0: First attempt at re-writing, basic ideas.
  • v2.1: This version; sorted out Board game and Pinball game.
[1.4] Rulesheet Information:
This rulesheet is NOT complete, for obvious reasons. If you find something omitted or wrong, please e-mail me. I did not bother to write in point values for each individual switch (i.e. 'Right Orbit' scores $130.), since to me personally, WHAT a switch does is more important. 'Sides, if you're going for score, learn how to play the game, and figure it out by yourself. :> Also, MANY options can be changed in the adjustments, the rulesheet goes over basic factory defaults. A list of changes that can be done to the game are listed at the end of the rulesheet.

This is saved as a normal text file, typed up in MS Word. I know it's long, but I like to be thorough, and there is A LOT in this game. Also, everything in here is based on ROM Revision 1.8. I know of several differences between 1.2 and 1.8 that I noticed off-hand, so take everything by face value if you're running on a different version.


[2.1] General Notes:
Welcome to Safe Cracker. Obviously, this is no ordinary game. Not only do you receive tokens from the game, the game is TIMED, and is smaller than a normal pinball. It's size is about in relation to a normal game as a normal game is to a wide-body (Superpin). The idea behind the game was to tie pinball into redemption - players could redeem tokens for prizes or other such stuff, or collect them.

[2.2] Basic Overview:
The basic idea of the game is to make it into the bank, past the guard, guard dog and alarms while trying to put-off the Computer (Candy 2000). The ultimate goal is to break into the Vault, and collect the stash. There are many obstacles along the way, including your time limit. You can pick up items along the way that will help you reach your goal.

[2.3] Pinball Rules -
You play the pinball half to get into the bank, and to get BACK into the bank after being kicked out of the board game. You can set up the board game to your liking and collect items that will help you in the board game during this mode. The next sections describe items around the playfield, and explain what they do in the different modes of the game.

There are two 'modes' in the pinball: Timed and Sudden Death. When in Timed Play, you have time on the clock and any drain will be immediately served back to you. If in multi-player mode, the next player is up. Also in this mode, hitting switches add a *bit* of time to your timer. Most times it's not noticeable, but a good spin on the wheel can give you a good :05 or :10. After each Board Game, the timer counts down faster, and it's harder to stay out of Sudden Death. Sudden Death is just that: Drain, and your game's over. There is no way to get out of Sudden Death just by hitting switches. You must regain time by getting TNT Multiball, a Teller Gift, or an outlane.

The inner wheel awards items that can help you in various ways:

  • Light Lock: If LOCK isn't lit, LOCK is then lit. If LOCK is lit, then it awards a LOCK for you. If two balls are locked, then it opens the Main Entrance for you, immediately starting the board game.
  • Call Guard: Will Call the Guard. You will either be awarded $100k or he'll open a gate for you, immediately starting the board game.
  • Deposit Window: Same as if you hit the left inlane. Gives you a visit to the Teller Lady.
  • Disable Computer: Will disable computer for 20 seconds. If in Timed mode, your timer is suspended, and hitting targets will add to the time you have. Also, 'Explosives' mode timer is halted during this. If in Sudden Death, you can drain and get your ball back. Once you drain, your timer is restarted.

The Teller Lady can also give you some helpful items:

  • Blender: Sorry, doesn't help you at all.
  • Time: Gives you from :05 to :20 minutes.
  • TNT Multiball: Starts TNT Multiball.
  • Lite Lock: Same as the Wheel Award.
  • Lite Wheel: Lights the disc for the Wheel Award.
  • Money Bomb: Only awarded in board game. See Board Game for details.
  • Bank Entrance: Will open an Bank Entrance for you.
  • Money: Will award $50k.
  • Free Token: Will award the player a Token.
  • Donuts: Will award 4, 6 or 12 donuts.
  • Bonus X: Increases your Bonus Multiplier

TNT Multiball is started any time you are kicked out of the board game with a chance to restart (and hitting the Ramp), from the '?' space on the board game, selecting the code on Candy 2000, or from the Teller Lady. You have a certain number of targets to hit, and once you hit them all, you are awarded $5k and :05 on your timer.

Vault Multiball is started once you break into the Vault. Jackpot is the Ramp shot, and the value is your stash when getting into the vault. Once you hit the Jackpot, you need to relight it by hitting the Spinning Disc. Jackpot will also award :10 on your timer. (This Multiball is Three Ball)

Once you collect all the V-A-U-L-T letters and break into the Vault, you start Token Multiball. Jackpots still award your stash value, but you also receive a Token. Shoot the Ramp to dispense a Token, and the Spinning Disk to relight the Ramp. The maximum number of tokens possible to win during Token Multiball is an operator setting. (This Multiball is Four Ball)

If you Tilt while in Timed Play, all time is taken away and you get the ball back, in Sudden Death. If you Tilt in Sudden Death, your game is over, and your bonus is counted up. Yes, you can tilt in the Board Game, as well.

The rest of the rules are described below with their associated items. See the next section for setting up the board game for the quickest route.

[2.3.01] Flippers:
The bottom two flippers are slightly larger than the small flippers used on other Lawlor games (Addams Family, Twilight Zone). They work just like normal flippers.
[2.3.02] Left Lanes:
Normal-as-usual lanes. Inlane is labeled: 'Light Deposit Window' and outlane is 'Extra Time'. Unless you have an uncollected award waiting from the Wheel, this will light the Bank for a visit to the teller. Extra time will give you 20 seconds.
[2.3.03] Bob's Getaway:
Above the left lanes is a bigkick, similar to Twilight Zone's Rocket Kicker, which sends the ball up the back of the playfield. If LOCK isn't lit, this will spot one drop target needed to light LOCK. This shot also lights the 'Lite 2 Donuts' right inlane. Bob's Getaway awards an initial random value between $5k and $10k, and raises each consecutive shot into Bob's.
[2.3.04] Yellow Drop Targets:
Mounted in front of Bob's Getaway are three drop targets. If LOCK isn't lit, getting all three will spot one drop target. If LOCK is lit and there are closed bank entrances, these will open up a bank entry, for starting the board game.
[2.3.05] Spinning Disc:
Above the Yellow Drop Targets and Bob's Getaway is a spinning disc. If 'SPIN WHEEL' is lit, spinning the Disc will spin the award on the inner dial, and light the bank entrance for collecting that award. Spinning the disc is also the best way for regaining some time.
[2.3.06] Cellar Entrance:
Above the Spinning Disc is a 'Moving Target'. With each hit the target will move back, uncovering a hole behind it. Shooting in this will award the cellar award, or to enter into the bank. Possible awards for the Cellar Award:
  • ATM Card: Gives you an ATM Card, used in the Board Game.
  • Note To Teller: Note for the Teller, taken in the Board Game.
  • Explosives: Starts a timed mode, similar to 'Frenzy' in Funhouse. Every switch is $5k.
  • Safe # / Invisible: Awards a 'VAULT' letter.
  • Light Outlanes: Lights ONE outlane.
[2.3.07] 'ALARM' Targets:
Situated around the playfield are the 'ALARM' targets. Completing them disables an alarm on the board game, starting with #1. After all are disabled, they award $50k.
[2.3.08] Ramp:
The ramp loops up and down the left side of the playfield, with a crossover and diverter near the top, sending the ball to the right half of the ramp. It can be shot for a Lock, Jackpot, or Donut. If nothing is lit, the ramp returns the ball to the left inlane, and awards one or two donuts. If LOCK is lit, then balls are diverted across the playfield to the kickback, which sends them UP INTO the Lock. If JACKPOT is lit (during a multiball) then the ball is also diverted across the playfield. If in Vault multiball, the ball is sent up into the lock, then released. If in Token Multiball, the ball is returned to the right flipper. Also, if the lock is full (two balls locked) and LOCK is lit, the ball is also returned to the flipper. Also also - here's a nice example of the logic put into the software - if the Main Bank entrance is NOT lit for entry, and the Yellow Drop Targets are lit to open another entrance, the game will divert the ball to the lower right flipper, for an easy shot to the drop targets.
[2.3.09] Top Lanes:
Labeled 'A', 'B', and 'C', passing through a lane lights the associated letter. Flipper buttons move the lit letter. The center lane (B) ends in a scoop, which will either send the ball into the pop bumpers, or into the Roof Entrance if it's lit. Completing all three lanes add 5 minutes to your game time, or 1 donut if in Sudden Death. Completing them also advance the cellar award.
[2.3.10] Roof Entrance:
Built over the Ramp and the Cellar Entrance, when lit for entry, the ball will be kicked up into a habitrail and over, down below the playfield.
[2.3.11] Jets:
Three (White, Red, Orange) pop bumpers. Don't confuse these with ordinary pop bumpers, however, because they have:
[2.3.12] White, Red, and Orange Drop Targets:
Sets of three, positioned around the three pop bumpers. Completing the set closest to the pop bumper will advance the pop bumper's scoring. (Yellow advance White Jet, Red advance Red Jet, White advance Yellow Jet.) If LOCK is not lit, one or more sets of targets will be flashing. Complete all flashing targets to lite LOCK.
[2.3.13] Lock Release:
When a ball is locked, it's shot up into the lock (see the Ramp, above). When you start multiball, the balls are released into the Pop Bumper area. If awarded a jackpot, the ball is immediately released back into play.
[2.3.14] Right Loop:
Not really a loop, but balls launched into play are shot up this ramp to the Top Lanes. Balls that do not make it up all the way can roll down and get deflected to the Upper Right Flipper Return.
[2.3.15] Bank Entrance:
This is the Main Entrance. Similar to 'The Chair' in The Addams Family, it's a scoop with a plastic bank mounted above it. The bank has two lights - red and yellow. If the yellow light is flashing, it will award one of two things: If you have an uncollected Wheel Award, you will be awarded that. Otherwise, the left inlane was hit, and a visit to the teller lady will be awarded. If the red light is lit, then the Entrance is open to start (or continue) the Board Game.
[2.3.16] Upper Right Flipper:
This flipper IS the same small size as the upper left flippers on Twilight Zone and Addams Family. The lane right above it is the Return Lane. When the ball rolls through there, it will temporarily light the spinning disc for a Wheel Award.
[2.3.17] Right Lanes:
Same as left lanes. Light for the inlane is 'Lite 2 Donuts' and the outlane is 'Extra Time'. The 'Lite 2 Donuts' light is actually a paradox, since it's the ONLY '2 Donuts' light. However, if it is LIT and the ball rolls over it, it will start flashing. You have a limited amount of time while it's flashing to shoot up the ramp to collect two donuts. The 'Extra Time' light is the same as the other one, awarding :20.
[2.4] Setting Up the Board Game:
In Pinball mode, you can set up your path in the bank for the easiest route to the vault. The bank has three entrances: Main, Roof, and Cellar. Your goal: The Vault. Once in the bank, you can only go forward, or clockwise around the loop. You select the number of spaces to move by stopping the spinning dial on the screen, and then taking whatever reward (or punishment) you land on.

When you Lock the first ball, one gate is opened. (The light on the Board Game goes out.) Also, a number of Bank Entrances are lit. You can shoot for a bank entrance, or lock another ball, which will open another gate.

Completing all ALARM targets will disable an alarm, starting with #1. (Again, the light on the board game will go out, indicating it's inactive.) Also, if you were kicked out of the board game and did not reenter, any alarms inactive and gates open remain so. Once you break into the vault, all alarms are reactivated, and gates are closed.

When you enter into the bank, the shortest route is always the route you take. Beginning at the Bank Entrance you entered in, you go around the loop, and into the vault by the first open gate. (Alarms inactive have no effect on your path, except when you land on them.)

After you reach the loop, or if you end up bribing a guard before the loop, the guard is notified of your presence, and starts chasing you. Like you, the guard can only move clockwise around the loop. However, the guard rolls a die, and can move a possible of 6 spaces, as opposed to your max of 5 spaces.

During your trip through the bank, you collect your stash. You do not get to keep your stash until you break into the vault, and if you get kicked out of the board game and don't reenter when given the chance, you lose your stash.

The Board game has many different types of spots to land on: White spots are 'normal' spots, Yellow spots are Gates, and Red spots kick you out of the board.

[2.5] Board Game Spots:

[2.5.01] Entrances:
Three main Entrances, where you begin your path to the Vault. Correspond to which entrance you shot into during Pinball Mode.
[2.5.02] Vault:
Your goal. Adds $75k to your stash, you collect your stash and start VAULT MULTIBALL, unless you have 'VAULT' spelled, in which you start TOKEN MULTIBALL.
[2.5.03] '$' - ATM:
Awards $20k to your stash. If you have one or more ATM Cards, it awards $40k.
[2.5.04] '?' - Random Award:
Gives you a selection of five possible awards (or penalties) and a quickly moving box. Hit the flipper button to stop the box and collect your reward. Possible rewards:
  • Money Bag: Adds cash to your Stash: $7k, $10k, $12k, $15k, $20k, $50k, $100k, $125k.
  • Arrow: Moves you forward or backward 1-5 spaces.
  • Cop Arrow: Moves the cop forward or backward 1-5 spaces.
  • Time: Awards time: :05, :10, :15, or :20.
  • TNT: Ends Board Game, starts TNT Multiball.
  • Token: Awards Token.
  • Skull & Crossbones: Ends Board Game. 'OH NO!'
  • Alarm: Disables the next Alarm.
  • Dog Bone: Awards a Dog Biscuit.
  • 'CODE': Awards a VAULT letter.
  • Key: Awards a Skeleton Key.
  • Donuts: Awards Donuts: 4, 6, or 12.
  • Lightening Bolt: Sends a lightening bolt around the loop. The first person (you or the cop) it lands on is destroyed. You get kicked out of the board game, the cop has to start over.
  • Winged Shoes: YOU go flying around the loop. When you hit the flipper button, you slowly decrease speed and land on a spot.
[2.5.05] Bribe Guard:
You have to bribe the guard. If you have over 5 donuts, he'll simply take them and leave you to your cash. If you don't, you have to barter with him. Once you give him the money, the Guard is Alerted and starts the board game, the money coming out of your score, not stash. If the Guard catches you, you're out of the board.
[2.5.06] Candy 2000:
Access the Computer. Find a code and enter it in. Certain codes awards certain things, some are obvious, and some are not. For a semi-complete listing, check section [4.2].
[2.5.07] Guard Dog:
Starts the Guard Dog, Pinball mode. You are ejected from the board game, back into Pinball mode. You have 20 seconds to hit ANY bank entrance. While you're trying to shoot the entrance, you are running around the loop in the board game. Once you shoot an entrance, you stop where you are, and take the shortest route from your new position into the Vault. You keep your stash and Bonus X is increased for getting back into the bank. There are two ways to get out of having to shoot back into the board game: Carry a dog biscuit or if you've already defeated the dog. Either case awards $25k to your stash, and you get to continue. While in Pinball mode, if you shoot the Ramp, you start TNT Multiball. If you drain, you go on to the next ball. (Or Game Over if in Sudden Death) Either way, you need to relight LOCK to get back into the bank and lose your stash. If you are in Timed Play, then your timer *IS* counting down as well.
[2.5.08] Alarms #1-#4:
Landing on this spot also kicks you out into Pinball mode, unless the alarm is deactivated by the '?' spot award, or spelling 'ALARM'. This Pinball mode is very similar to Guard Dog, with a few exceptions. You must make it into the CELLAR Entrance, and once you do you collect your stash and start the board game over from the Cellar Entrance.
[2.5.09] Teller:
Same as getting the 'Lite Deposit Window' in Pinball mode, with one major exception: about 50% of the time she will award you a 'Money Bomb'. Getting a Money Bomb kicks you out of the board game, forcing you to relight LOCK. A way around this is to get the 'Note To Teller' award from the Cellar Award.
[2.5.10] '<-->' - Run 'n Hide:
I can't believe you're doing this to me! When you land on this spot, your position will start randomly moving around that area (no more than 5 in either direction, on your path only.) Hit a flipper button, and you stop where your marker is, getting that award.
[2.5.11] '#' - Big Find:
Awards $100k to your stash.
[2.5.12] '!' - Laser Beam:
Landing on this will kick you out of the board game, with no chance to get back in.
[2.5.13] Gates:
Four gates surround the Vault. Landing on this spot presents the player with three gates: Two unlocked, one locked. A randomly moving box is stopped by a flipper button. If the player stops on an unlocked gate, the board game continues. If stopped on a locked gate, the player must have a Skeleton Key to continue, or wind up getting kicked out of the board game.
[2.6] Fun With Bonus:
Once your game is over, you collect your bonus. Your bonus is relatively simple:
  • Donuts: Donuts on hand are worth $5k each.
  • ATM Visits: For each ATM Visit you get $10k.
  • Bonus X: For each break-in into the bank, you increase your bonus multiplier.
[2.7] Multiplayer Games:
Of course, up to four players can play, and you can mix and match types of games: Normal and Assault. Players rotate after each drain (unless a player is in Assault) until they are out of time. Players who's game is over have their score appear dimmed on the display. If a player's game is over, then the players who still have time rotate, skipping the player who's done. A player playing Assault On The Vault finishes his multiball in one turn, then his bonus is counted up, and his game is over. The other players continue their normal games.


The fun part of the game. Dropping in a Token won from the game will give you a 'Magic Credit'. Any Magic Credits on the game will be used up before normal credits, although they appear as a 'normal' credits when displayed. ('Credits: 9, Magic Credits: 3' means you have 9 total credits, the first three are Magic Credits.)

This mode is an all-out multiball. 90 seconds, unlimited balls, the point is to get a really high score. Tokens are not awarded at all, and there are two main things to go for:

Break Into The Vault: As you play, three paths are taken from each entrance into the Vault. To Move these paths, hit the drop targets. Red targets move the ROOF Path. Orange targets move the CELLAR Path, and White targets move the MAIN Path. The Yellow Targets and the Cellar Target move ALL THREE paths.

Vault Jackpot: The Vault Jackpot starts at $50k, and for each hit on the Spinning Disc, raises by $10k. Shoot up the ramp to collect the Jackpot. Once your time is up, you start Fun-With-Bonus:

  • Paths: For each path space achieved, you are awarded $5k.
  • Jackpots: For each Jackpot collected, you are awarded $50k.
  • Assault: For each time all three paths got into the Vault, you are awarded a VAULT letter, and $750k.
  • The bonus is then added up to your score, and the game's over.


[4.1] Cows:
Yeah, this game has 'em too. Two, possible three places I know of where they are:

  1. Candy 2000 code: 'MOO'. Awards a VAULT Letter.
  2. '?' - Random Award: A cow head. Haven't gotten it awarded yet, tho.
  3. 'MOO' initials: Was told that this does something, never tried it.
[4.2] Candy 2000 Codes:
A list of codes I know so far, and what they award:
  • MNY - +$50k to your Stash
  • ADG - +$50k to your Stash
  • SRG - +$50k to your Stash
  • MOO - VAULT Letter
  • PML - VAULT Letter
  • VLT - VAULT Letter
  • DNT - Donuts: 4, 6, or 12
  • LFT - Moves Forward 1-5 spaces
  • MOV - Moves Forward 1-5 spaces
  • NOT - Note To Teller
  • DOG - Dog Biscuit
  • MAT - Dog Biscuit
  • TNT - TNT Multiball
  • TOK - Token (?)
  • KEY - Skeleton Key
[4.3] Changes to Gameplay:
Many things can be changed in the adjustments to alter gameplay. The main ones are:
  • Starting time can be different, defaults to :45.
  • Dial Numbers (to move in Board Game) can be random or sequential.
  • You can be given the option to continue the board game, or quit with your stash. If you quit, you collect your current stash value and enter VAULT MULTIBALL, except no time is awarded, only your stash amount.
  • Game can start with LOCK already lit, or LOCK lit *AND* Bank Entrances Lit.
[4.5] Thanks:
Thanks go to the following people for helping me out with some of the stuff. If you find anything that needs to be fixed or added, please e-mail me at
  • Mark Carter - Finding some of the Candy 2000 codes.

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