Lost World


Written by: Jef Lepine
January 17, 1998

"Lost World", "Jurassic Park", "SEGA", and a whole slew of other things are probably trademarks and copyrights of SEGA. This rulesheet is made in good faith and may be distributed in any form, just don't charge for it.


Lost World is the sequel to Data East's (now SEGA) Jurassic Park. Many DMD animations have been reused from Jurassic Park and we see the return of the Smart Missile as well.


Reach San Diego by starting *and* completing the five modes:

  • Site B
  • Raptor Two-ball
  • Mobile Lab
  • Baby T-Rex
  • GPS
Each are described separately below.

Playfield and Basic Rules

Standard SEGA flippers in their usual position. There are dino-decals on each.

Standard slingshots in the normal spots.

Left inlane/outlane
Plenty of rubber here to save the ball; saves seem to be easy here. Lights the T or R in TREX. Unlike Attack from Mars where you can cycle the letters from right outlane to left outlane, you are only able to cycle the letters on the left inlane and outlane with the left flipper.

RAP targets
Located in approximately the same place at the Space Jam targets on Space Jam. These targets are much easier to hit from the right flipper than the left. These lights are cycled by the slingshots. Completing Raptor for the first time lights Raptor Two-ball, see "Raptor Two-ball" section for more. Slingshots rotate which targets in RAPTOR are lit.
Left loop/spinner
Lights up Lost, you only have to trigger the spinner for it to count. Completing left and right loops lights the egg for a random award. See "The Egg Scoop" for more. One of the three locks is collected here. Collects jackpots in Multiball. See "Multiball" for more. Repeated loops score Jurassic Loop. See "Misc. Extras" for more. Weak shots fall down the middle loop or drop into the bumpers. The spinner is the main shot in Mobile Lab. See "Mobile Lab" for more.

S standup
Just to the right of the left loop, one of the letters for SITEB. Extra ball is collected here. See "Site B" for more.

Middle loop
A tight shot located in approximately the same spot as the lock ramp on Attack from Mars; it's immediately to the right of the S target. One of the three locks is collected here. Collects super jackpot during multiball. See "Multiball" for more. The jackpot shot during raptor See "Raptor Two-ball" for more. Extra ball is lit at 5 shots, points are awarded every 5 shots afterwards.

Drop target/Snagger
Immediately to the right of the middle loop and directly in front of the snagger toy. The snagger is a small truck-like toy which picks up the ball and deposits it in the snagger. There is a magnet located about two balls length in front of this which stops the balls before pickup. Lock is lit after 4 hits.

I standup
Just to the right of the drop target, one of the letters for SITEB. Hits to the drop target often hit this as well. See "Site B" for more.

Left ramp
Almost in the middle of the table, winds up to the left and down the left side of the machine, can be hit from either flipper. Spots one of the letters for GPS. See "GPS" for more. Jackpots are collected here during regular multiball. Feeds left inlane.

T standup
Located at the right of the ramp entrance, one of the letters for SITEB. See "Site B" for more.
Jet bumpers
Three bumpers located in the standard triangular pattern. There is a lane just to the right of the T target where the ball can be shot into, or fall out of.

More time standup
Located just to the left of the jet bumper lane. Increases bumper value when unlit, adds time to modes when lit. See "More Time" for more. Can be hit directly from the right flipper or from a lucky hit off the bumpers.

J and P rollovers
Located directly above the bumpers. Advances bonus multipliers (6X max) Extra ball lit at 6X.

Egg Scoop
To the right of the bumper lane facing slightly to the left. A giant baby T-Rex egg sits on top and opens to reveal a baby T-Rex at appropriate times. Various awards are collect here as well as Baby TREX. See "Egg Scoop" and "Baby TREX" for more. Kickout should hit the left flipper much like the scoop on Attack from Mars.

E standup
Located to the right of the scoop, one of the letters for SITEB. Shots to the scoop sometimes will hit this. See "Site B" for more.

Right ramp
Just to the right of the Egg, a steep ramp which loops back on itself and feed the right inlane. Can be hit easily from a trapped ball on the left flipper or by a luck backhand from the right. Spots letters for GPS. See "GPS" for more. Jackpots are collected here during regular multiball.
B standup
Just to the right of the right ramp entrance, one of the letters for SITEB. See "Site B" for more.
Right loop/spinner
Lights up World, you only have to trigger the spinner for it to count. Completing left and right loops lights the egg for a random award. See "The Egg Scoop" for more. One of the three locks is collected here. Collects jackpots during multiball. See "Multiball" for more. Repeated loops score Jurassic Loop. See "Misc. Extras" for more. Weak shots drop into the bumpers. The spinner is the main shot in Mobile Lab. See "Mobile Lab" for more.

TOR targets
Located almost directly across from the RAP targets and function identically, except for the spotting of different letters, of course. Slingshots rotate which targets in RAPTOR are lit.

Right inlane/outlane
Plenty of rubber here as well. Lights E or X in TREX.

A normal button that says launch on it. Launched balls usually travel up and hit the drop target, occasionally they miss and either hit the I target or bump around in the center loop. See "Skill Shot" for more. This button is used to fire the Smart Missile.

Ball Saver

At the start of each ball, there is a brief (approx 5 sec.) ball saver. This is the usual SEGA ball saver which is VERY strict; if the light is out, the saver is not on.

If the ball hits the outlane switch, the saver is extended slightly so the ball will hopefully make it to the outhole while the saver is still on.

Skill Shot

At the start of a ball there is a video-like skill shot. The goal is to make the Dino foot step on the humans. A successful skill shot is worth 200k, a missed skill shot is worth 50k.

Occasionally you get a Super Skill shot; Instead of people, there are strange objects to step on: Shark fins(?), a grandma, ET (!), as well as others. A successful Super Skill Shot is worth the same as a normal skill shot.

In tournament mode, skill shot is disabled and awards 50K, regardless of what the display says.

The Egg Scoop

The Egg scoop is lit at the start of the game and on your first ball I'm 99% sure that it will always award the Smart Missile. The scoop can be relit by hitting both spinners.

Awards include:

  • Smart Missile (one per game)
  • Light Lock
  • Award Lock
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Extra Ball
  • Special
  • 100,000
  • 200,000
  • 300,000
  • Video Mode
  • Increase Multiplier
  • Hold Bonus

Any others?

Video Mode

A very quick video mode, not even really connected to the game. There are two ropes and a small pitfall-like guy who is suppose to swing from rope to rope and then over a T-Rex who is trying to eat you.

A completed video mode awards 350K, a failed video mode awards 100K. A failed video mode that you manage to make to the first rope awards 150K.

Video mode is always the same and isn't too hard to complete. Just wait for the right spot to swing at, hit launch, and the guy just goes. Occasionally, you can swing into the T-Rex's mouth, but you don't get anything extra for doing it.


Multiball is first started by hitting the drop target 4 times to light all three locks. If you don't finish the drop target on your first ball, one lock will light for you each ball, until you complete the drop target or light all three locks. You then have to lock three balls, left loop, right loop, and middle loop. All locks are virtual, no balls are held by the machine. When you have three balls locked, multiball starts, a four ball multiball with three stages, and a brief ballsaver:

  • Both ramps must be hit for jackpots which unlight when collected. Each ramp jackpot is worth 500k.

  • When both ramp jackpots have been collected, both loops light for jackpots, which unlight when collected. Loop jackpots are worth 750K. You must hit the loop switch to collect these.

  • When both loop jackpots have been collected, the middle loop lights for super jackpot. The super jackpot is worth a varying value which is displayed on the DMD. The animation for the super jackpot is almost exactly like the DMD animation from Raptor Rampage from the first Jurassic Park. The animation is that of a raptor pointing at different values from 1M to 4M. The values are arranged somewhat like this:

    1 1 2 2 3 4 3 2 2 1 1

    A shot to the middle loop awards the pointed at value and starts the multiball back at stage one.

As in most SEGA games, multiball is very valuable, especially if you can consistently get to the super jackpot and collect it. Just reaching the third stage of multiball nets you 500K + 500K + 750K + 750K = 2.5M; in this game, that isn't too bad.

If you happen to start multiball, drain all but one ball, and collect no jackpots, multiball restart is lit at all the loops and the drop target.

On subsequent multiballs, you must hit the drop target 4 times to light each lock. Only two locks will be spotted if you don't completed the drop target.

Smart Missile

Unlike Jurassic Park, the Smart Missile must be collected. It's almost always the first award from the Egg Scoop. There are also a few differences from Jurassic Park's Smart Missile:

  • Lost World's Smart Missile only pertains to Multiball
    • If the locks aren't lit, it will light all locks (1st Multiball)
    • If all the locks are lit, multiball starts (handy while draining)
    • It will collect any lit jackpots during multiball.
    • If you are trying to collect the super jackpot with the smart missile, the raptor will sometimes skip over the 4M shot.

  • Jurassic Park's Smart Missile hit EVERYTHING, all switches, and it collected the points for everything as well.

Like Jurassic Park, the Smart Missile is deactivated when the outlane is hit.

More Time

Each of the timed modes have the ability to have the timer increased. When the timer on a modes drops below 10sec, the More Time standup is lit. If the standup is hit, 10sec. is added to the mode.

You can only hit the More Time button once per mode. Adding time to modes like SITE B and Baby T-Rex can be well worth it.


To start SITE B you must first spell SITE B (the first time) and then hit one of the SITEB standups. SITE B targets are cycled by the bumpers and the slingshots.

During SITE B your task is to hit the flashing target that is lit, but there is a catch: there is only one flashing target lit and it moves when you hit a flipper. The left flipper moves the target to the left and right moves it to the right. You must hit at least three targets to complete the mode.

The value starts at 200k and goes up by 100k until time is up. You have 30 seconds to hit three targets but the mode doesn't end once you have hit the three targets, you get to play out the mode until time is up. There doesn't seem to be an upper limit to the value as I have collected 1.1M from hitting one target.

SITE B is at first very frustrating but once some ball control is achieved, this mode is very valuable, just completing the three required targets nets you 2M (200K + 300K + 400K + 100K for starting SITEB and 1M completion bonus) with each target after that building higher and higher. It seems the safest and easiest shot is to backhand the E target

To light subsequent SITE B's you must spell SITE B one more time than the previous SITE B.


GPS is started by hitting both ramps three times (for the first GPS) and then shooting either ramp when they are flashing.

The goal of GPS is to hit 4 ramps, each shot is worth 300k. The value can be raised by alternating ramps, ie, left ramp, right ramp, left ramp then the value is raised by 100k up to no known limit. The timer seems to be pretty short, less than 30sec.

The easiest way to finish GPS is by looping the left ramp which is pretty easy to backhand. If you want to go all out for points, try to keep alternating the ramps; while not really hard, lighting GPS the second time isn't as easy.

To light subsequent GPS', ramps must be alternated to light each letter. You must also complete GPS one more time than the previous GPS. The number of shots to complete the next GPS goes up if you complete the mode or not, slowly making GPS impossible to complete.


Baby TREX lights when three shots to the egg scoop are made. Shoot the scoop to start.

A fast countdown from 200k starts immediately when you hit the scoop. Hit the scoop to collect the value. If you don't hit the scoop by the time the countdown reaches 40k, you have about 5sec. to make the shot.

Once the countdown value is collected, you have 30sec. to shoot the egg three more times to complete the mode. When you do make the three shots, the mode does not end; additional shots to the scoop can be made.

This mode can be very valuable if you can lock in a value close to 200k. If you do indeed lock in a high value, making repeated shots to the scoop is definitely worth it. To light subsequent Baby T-Rex's, one more shot is needed than the previous. The shots required to finish the mode stay the same.

Mobile Lab

Completing TREX on the inlane/outlanes lights the last completed letter's outlane/inlane light one of the letters for TREX. When the flashing letter is collected, Mobile Lab begins.

Mobile lab starts as a two-ball multiball where the goal is to shoot the spinners. Twenty spins are needed to collect the first mobile lab jackpot. When a jackpot is collected, a ball is added, up to four balls.

  • The first jackpot is collected at 20 spins and awards 200k.
  • The second jackpot is collected at 25 spins and awards 300k.
  • The third jackpot is collected at 40 spins and awards 400k.
  • The fourth jackpot is collected at 50 spins and awards 500k.

After a jackpot is collected, the number of spins collected resets. There is a brief ballsaver at the beginning of this mode.

Mobile Lab ends when there are less than two balls in play.

This mode is HARD. The spinners on the machines I've played don't spin as well as they could and it's not exactly easy to get 120 spins if you have four balls floating around. It's not too valuable, but you have to finish it to light San Diego. :(

To light subsequent Mobile Lab's, you must complete TREX one more time than the previous. The number of spins/jackpots remains the same.


Completing the RAPTOR targets lights both sets of targets flash for RAPTOR. Hitting either bank starts Raptor multiball.

Raptor is a two-ball multiball. Jackpots are lit by hitting either the RAP or TOR targets and then by shooting the middle loop. You have about 15sec to hit the jackpot before having to relight it again. The first jackpot is lit at the start of the mode.

To complete Raptor, you must make 2 jackpots. Jackpots start at 200k and go up by 50k for each jackpot collected.

Raptor ends when there are less than two balls in play.

To light subsequent Raptor's, you must spell RAPTOR one more time than the previous. The number of jackpots needed does not change.

Misc. Extras

Extra balls can be lit at five middle loops, 6X bonus, or a random award.

The next shot after immediately after lighting the extra ball and every 5 middle loops after awards 300k.

Repeated loop shots award Jurassic Loops. For each loop shot you can make in a row, the value increases by 50k. Jurassic loops can only be collected when modes aren't running and start at 50k.

Every 25 hits on the bumpers award a Pop Award of 25k.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Bowen Kerins for filling in some of the holes and proof-reading :)

Thanks to Josh Lehan's Lost World rulesheet for providing me with some info that I may have forgotten without it.


San Diego is lit at the T-Rex scoop; it is a four-ball multiball where ANY major shot scores an increasing value, and ANY target increases the value. It's a lot like Final Jam, except all major shots collect the Jackpot. Cool animations of the T-rex eating lots of folks.

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