Lethal Weapon 3


Written by: Brent R. Earl

Since we had one of these in a recent Kenosha, WI IFPA tournament, I figured I might as well type in a ruleset after the fact... Please beware of lurking humor. Corrections to Kevin please.

(all disclaimers implied unless actually stated).

(Blatantly copied from supplied rule sheet. This is a picture of the playfield with numbered descriptions for each of the modes. The sheet is three pages long. Bally/Williams/Gottlieb please pay attention. This is much nicer for a tournament than a copy of your playfield rule card "Shoot the blinking light, put in more money").

Skill Shot
Pull trigger of gun (launcher) when moving target is lit (in the dot matrix display) in sights.

(usually known as multiball (TM)) Shoot either drop target bank (center playfield or lower right) to light red, yellow and blue lights. Mball read will light at VUK hole (upper center lane), hit VUK hole to start. Second Mball can be started from second drop target bank. Collect the jackpot by hitting the left ramp. Two balls on the ramp within a couple seconds of each other awards double jackpot. Quadruple jackpot can be collected with two balls around the left orbit (subway). Hit left, center, or right saucer to relight jackpot.

Bonus Multiplier
shooting the subway (left orbit) lights a rollover lane. Completing all three advances the multiplier.

Laser Kick
Left outlane (normal mode) Lit at the beginning of each ball. Relight with lit target on lower left of playfield (above out/inlane and slingshot). Target is lit by two consecutive left orbit shots (subway).

Red Wire/Blue Wire
Initiate Red/Blue wire by hitting center target on either drop target bank. Hit either Red or Blue target to "cut" the proper wire. Correct choice starts "Unlimited Millions" on lower left target (same as relight laser kick).

Lethal Weapon 1-2-3
Shoot left, center, and right saucers (any order). Getting all three awards a stunt. A stunt is a short animation and a couple of points.

Leo Getz
Complete four bullet targets (upper left of playfield along the subway/left orbit). Shoot right saucer to win Leo Getz. Random award of:
  1. Maximum multiplier and Bonus held
  2. Super Pops-Turbo bumpers worth 100k or 1 million
  3. Murtaugh's retirement (light outlanes for BIG points)
  4. Mystery score (random value - could turn off the display, then your score is a mystery. Ta da! or Wowie as Bullwinkle would say).
  5. 1 Million
  6. Lights Lotsaballs ready
  7. Lights Extra ball (left saucer)
  8. Award stunt (cheesy animation and points)

Shoot Out
Shooting both left and right orbit lights bullets for Uzi. (displayed on playfield between slingshots above flippers). Light all six bullets to begin shoot out. Pull trigger of gun handle to shoot adversary (on dot matrix display) before he shoots you. Waiting longer without getting shot and using more bullets awards higher score. Shoot out awards in order:
  1. 3 Million
  2. 1 Million and Bonus held
  3. Lights Super Leo Getz and Super Spinners
  4. Lights Video and Getaway (HS2, get yours today... Special link cable not included, No batteries required)
  5. Crazy Riggs
  6. Looping
  7. Super Lethal Weapon (Long underwear and a cape, machine flies away...)

Did I mention that your ball is still in play during this? Good luck.

Super Leo Getz
Score SLG from right saucer while light is flashing. Random award:
  1. Special
  2. Extra ball
  3. Crazy Riggs

Super Spinners
SS timer starts after hitting either spinner (on left and right orbit). Awards Unlimited Points (well, maybe gravity and friction but other than that, unlimited).

left inlane and then right orbit scores getaway bonus (shift gears).

Crazy Riggs
frenzy, hit anything for points. (even your partner, trust me...).

Start looping timer by shooting freeway (left ramp). Each left ramp shot before time expires scores 10 million.

Enter video mode by hitting VUK hole (center saucer) with video lamp lit. Pull trigger on gun handle (launcher) when a spinning target shows a criminal (display). Video mode finishes when ten shots have been fired, ten targets have been displayed, or a civilian target has been shot.

Bonus is 5k for every switch hit.

Only awarded from super leo getz.

Victory Laps
Shoot freeway (left ramp) after special is awarded and before victory timer expires for 25 million.

Shoot the left ramp multiple times for Millions and to light Freeway Extra Ball. Collect freeway extra ball from left saucer when lit. (If you can shoot a ramp shot all day, then the right flipper to left ramp shot is what you need. Big points, demoralize your opponents!).

Fight Mode
Randomly started when hitting left, center, or right saucer. Ball is locked, slap flipper buttons rapidly to pound on the opponent. "Throwing more punches than the adversary wins fight and scores big".

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