Triangle Pinball League's Goldeneye Rule Sheet

Chris Hehman wrote 99% of this; I made a very few additions. Please email or post (if interesting enough :) any additions /corrections/suggestions to myself or Chris.

minor updates by editor

|                                                      |
|         The Triangle Pinball League presents         |
|               Bond.  James Bond.  In...              |
|                                                      |
|                       GOLDENEYE                      |
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|                    The Rule Sheet                    |
|                         v1.0                         |
|                                                      |
|  Based on the Sega Pinball machine, based on the     |
|  motion picture, based on characters by Ian Fleming. |
|  The authors of this rule sheet recognize all the    |
|  appropriate copyrights and stuff.  This rule sheet  |
|  can be freely distributed, so long as no profits    |
|  are gained and due credit is given to the authors.  |

Quick Take

Goldeneye is Sega's first pinball effort in 1996, following Apollo 13 and preceding Twister. The theme is licensed from the latest James Bond movie Goldeneye, the first which features Pierce Brosnan as 007.

The major toy in this game is a rotating Satellite with a magnet in its center capable of catching and holding a pinball. The player can load the Satellite via a Pop-Up Ramp which rises up from the playfield. Also of note is the Ball Saver, which consists of a magnet system which catches and flings the ball away from the outhole and back into play. The effect is similar to that found in the lock mechanism of the Williams/Bally game The Shadow.

The playfield contains 3 relatively easy ramps, which is a departure from earlier Segas which typically contain fewer and more difficult ramps. As a result, the game flows better and contains a more attractive shot selection. My biggest gripe with this game is the Right Ramp return's tendency to allow the ball to hop into the outlane rather than the inlane. There is currently no compensation for this.

Overall, I believe this game to be one of Sega's best efforts to date. The Satellite is genuinely fun, the Ball Saver effect is cool, and the rules are innovative (see Satellite Multiball, Eject or Die). The sound system on this game could have been better; the music is repetitive and cheap sounding. The display is the smaller size used on Apollo 13, but it still can show movie clips and actors' faces believably. The game is also chock full of Easter Eggs if you look hard enough.

Machine Vital Stats

These rules are based on a machine with 4.02 ROMs.


Two in the standard positions. They seem to have Goldeneye- specific markings, which is a little unusual.


Collect Bonus :) Also the location of the coolest ball saver ever, even if it was "inspired" by The Shadow. The ball is caught and held by a magnet, and then flung into play. This works even if the ball went down an outlane first. If the ball is not caught by the magnet for whatever reason, the game plunges another ball. There even seems to be a custom animation for just this occasion; Boris is frozen ("Freeze!") and cracks into bits.

Several other events will trigger the ball saver, such as an immediate drain off of the Center Eject Target or the standup to the right of the Lock Ramp. There's also a short ball saver after the Mode Start Lane kickout, and maybe some others. Not enough is done, IMHO, to notify the player that their ball is being saved. There's no quote, no animation, and not even the "Shoot Again" light comes on. Be sure and check that your ball is well and truly drained before walking away.

Now moving clockwise around the playfield:

Left inlane
Under certain conditions, this will trigger a Pop-up Ramp that gives you a shot at the Satellite. The best way to get the ball to this inlane is the Far Left Ramp.

This inlane has 2 switches; one parallel to the inlane and one parallel to the flipper. The higher switch is the one that activates the Satellite Ramp when ready.

Left outlane
Eject or Die when lit.

Shootout Bank
This bank consists of 4 standup targets; 3 large white and 1 small yellow between the 2nd and 3rd white targets. During single-ball non- mode play, shoot all 3 white targets to light Shootout at the small yellow target. Shoot the small yellow target to start Shootout. Completing Shootout is required to advance towards the Wizard Mode.

Far Left Ramp
A shallow ramp which feeds the Left Inlane. This is the best way to set up a shot at the Satellite. This is also a Jackpot shot.

This ramp can be backhanded (!) on the 2 machines I've played.

Ramp Standups
Two green targets on either side of the Lock Ramp entrance. Along with the four targets on the Satellite Bank, these make up the 6 Guard targets. Immediately draining off of the right standup will be compensated with a ball saver.

Lock Ramp
A less shallow ramp which feeds the Right Inlane. When lit, this awards a Virtual Lock. Two Virtual Locks are required to light Satellite Multiball. This is also a Jackpot shot.

This ramp can also be backhanded.

Mode Start Lane
A small lane most easily hit from the right flipper. The lane ends in a small hole, from which the ball is then kicked out. There is a short ball saver after this kickout, I think. This lane is used to start 007 Encounters (i.e. modes) and collect Mystery. This is also a Jackpot shot. Completing all 5 modes is required to advance towards the Wizard Mode.

Center Eject Target
A large circular, mirror-like standup located in the center of the game. It is used to collect Extra Balls, light Vitural Locks, light Tank Multiball, and can save your life in Eject or Die. There is a short ball saver for draining immediately after hitting this target.

007 Top Lanes
3 top rollovers, "0" "0" "7". Complete all three to increase Bonus X. Note that there is a large delay between collecting a lane and being able to collect another, and that you can't collect a lane during any multiball. Completing the rollovers is required to advance towards the Wizard Mode.

The only way to hit these rollovers other than from a launched ball is to shoot the bumpers and -hope- the ball goes up a lane. This is important if you do something like collect all the Wizard items except 007 on your first ball. Kind of a shame.

3 bumpers, worth 250K / hit. Balls leaving the bumper area will exit between the Center Eject Target and the Satellite Bank.

Satellite Bank
A bank of 4 green Guard targets and a white Satellite Value target. Not that the Satellite Value target has anything to do with the value of shots to the Satellite. It toggles the value of the award you get when completing the Guard targets in single ball play.

Pop-Up Ramp
A steep ramp that raises up in front of the Satellite Bank in certain situations. It is triggered by the Left Inlane. After hitting this ramp, the ball will sail through the air and hopefully get stuck on the center of the Satellite. If not, it will probably hit the glass and could land just about anywhere.

A large white rotating dish with a magnet in the center. Shoot the magnet via the Pop-Up Ramp, and the ball will stay there until either the magnet lets it go or you knock it away with another ball (see Satellite Multiball).

Right Ramp
A large ramp which loops all the way around the playfield, and can either drop the ball into the bumpers (on a weak shot), load the tank (during certain modes), or feed the left inlane.

Unfortunately, it could also potentially feed the outlane. On fast shots (and even medium shots), the ball can pop out of the ball return and roll down the outlane, not even hitting the outlane switch. There is no compensation for this at this time.

Q Targets
A white and a blue target on the lower right side of the game. Hit the white target 3 times to start Q's Pen mode. Finishing Q's Pen is required to advance towards the Wizard mode.

Collect Bonus Lane
A small lane above the right in/out lanes which leads to the plunger lane. Making this lane in single ball play will award the multiplied Bonus value.

Right Outlane
Eject or Die when lit.

Right Inlane
Lights Mystery at the Mode Start Lane for a short time.

007 Encounters (Modes)

There are 5 modes which can be started at the Mode Start Lane. You cannot start one mode while in another. In non-mode single ball play, the bumpers cycle the currently lit mode. I believe that there is a short ball saver right after the mode kickout. 10M is automatically added to your Mode Total, displayed after the mode ends (with the exception of Xenia Extra Ball).

You need only to start and end each mode in order to advance towards the Wizard Mode; you don't actually have to complete any of them.

It's interesting that during Goldeneye's modes, successive shots score -less- points, instead of -more- points like they do in preceding Sega games.

Xenia Extra Ball
The Center Eject Target is lit for a hurry-up extra ball. You have 15? seconds to hit the target, which is usually more than enough. One shot to the Eject target ends the mode.

The graphics during this mode are, well, graphic, regardless of whether you complete it or not. Xenia is strangling someone to death during the hurry-up, and completing it means that his eyeball pops out, which not completing it means that his entire head pops off. Yum!

Satellite Hurryup
The Left Inlane raises the Pop-Up Ramp for a shot at the Satellite. The value starts at 90M, and counts down by 5M's until 10M? and then quits. One shot to the Satellite ends the mode. One thing to note: I've made a shot at the last possible moment, and it stuck to the Satellite but didn't give me the award. Harumph!

Nerve Gas Plant
Complete all 6 Guard Targets, and then shoot the Lock Ramp within 30 seconds. The 1st target is worth 25M, the second 20M, and subsequent targets are worth 15M each. Targets you have already hit seem to be worth 1M each. Once you make all the targets, shoot the lock ramp for a whopping 30M. This is a lot of work for a possible 150M points or so.

Train/Tank Multiball
A 2-ball multiball with an initial ball saver. The Far Left Ramp starts lit, shooting it lights the Right Ramp, and making that lights the Far Left Ramp, and so on back and forth. Note that shots to the Right Ramp are loaded into the Tank and then fed back to the Right Inlane, so the two ramps feed each other.

The first shot is worth 30M, the second 25M, then 20M, 15M, and 10M. Not sure what happens after that, but the pattern can't go for much further before your score starts to go down :)

Send Spike
Shoot either the Lock Ramp or the Right Ramp to send a "spike" and make connections to more cities on the displayed world map. Both ramps are loopable, so it is best to just pick one and shoot it over and over. You have 30 seconds to complete the mode, and I am guessing that 7 shots or so would be enough. I can't recall right now how much shots are worth, but they are in the 20-30M range I think.


Complete all 3 white standups on the Shootout Bank in non-mode single ball play to light the yellow "Shootout" target. Shoot the yellow target to start Shootout.

Funky music starts, 3 strange-eyed guards appear on the display, and James encourages you to "Shoot to Kill!" It's up to you to figure out how to finish the mode; I'll leave instructions for the impatient in the Spoilers section. You'll kick yourself.

Finishing Shootout is worth 30M?, but more importantly lights the outlanes for Eject or Die, which can come in very handy indeed. You also need to finish Shootout in order to advance towards the Wizard Mode, which is even handier.

Eject or Die

Completing Shootout lights Eject or Die at the outlanes, which can only be collected during single ball play. If you drain down the center or during multiball, Eject or Die will still be there on your next ball. If you drain down either outlane with Eject or Die lit during single ball play, the ball is grabbed by the ball saver magnet and the fun begins.

The ball is flung into play, and you have -6- seconds to hit the Center Eject Target or your ball is -over-. You're only going to have to time to make one, maybe two attempts at the target, assuming that the ball makes it to the flippers in 6 seconds. Thankfully, the timer seems to stop while in the bumper area.

Regardless of whether you "Eject" and your ball continues, or you "DIE" as clearly indicated on the display, that uses up 1 Eject or Die. You can stack them by getting multiple Shootouts, which may not be such a bad idea.

On a strange note, I once saw someone hit the Eject target -just- after the timer had expired. The ball sailed SDTM, but was saved by the rebound-from-center-target ball saver. But this wasn't very helpful, because the flippers had already been disabled and DIE was flashing on the backglass. Sounds like a bug-ish feature to me...


You're probably noticed, if you've played the game, that the word GOLDENEYE is spelled in lamps just below the display. Don't worry, this isn't an Apollo 13-style indicator that holds over between players and games; it's separate for each player and each game.

Shoot the ramps during single ball non-mode play in order to spot letters in GOLDENEYE. The letters start to flash once you get close, which I think is a nice touch.

Spelling GOLDENEYE starts hurry-ups at the 3 ramps. You are given 10M for starting the mode. They all start at 50M, and count down 1M per second down to 20M before expiring. If you collect all 3, the Left Inlane will raise the Pop-Up Ramp for a shot at the Satellite. Do it quickly, because it won't give you much time. Making the shot will award your hurry-up points (+10 M) -again-. So completing the whole sequence is worth a maximum possible 320M. You're going to lose a few million on the hurry-ups, so your realistic best is going to be around 310M. Still, this is a very large sum in comparison to most of the other game features. You need to spell GOLDENEYE to advance towards the Wizard Mode.


In single ball non-mode play, making a ramp lights one or more of the others for a possible Combo. Making the Far Left or Right Ramp lights the Right Ramp for a Combo, and making the Lock Ramp lights the Far Left and Lock Ramps.

The first combo is worth 10M, and successive combos are worth an additional 2M each time (12M, 14M, 16M, etc.). The values start over at 10M once the sequence of ramps is broken.

Guard Award

In single ball play, collecting all 6 Guard Targets awards the current Satellite Value. The Satellite Value is toggled by shooting the Satellite Value Target, and can be 10M (unlit), 25M, 50M, 75M, or 100M. I think this works in all modes except Train/Tank Multiball and Nerve Gas Plant.


During single ball non-mode play, the Right Inlane lights the Mode Start Lane for Mystery. Shoot the Lane within a few seconds to collect Mystery.

I've only seen Mystery be 10M or 2X. Note that 2X does not give you the 007 Top Lanes light to advance towards Wizard Mode.

Q's Pen

At the start of each ball, the white Q Target is unlit. Shoot once for it to be lit, shoot again for it to blink, and shoot a third time to start Q's Pen mode. This only works during single ball non-mode play.

Once Q's Pen is started, you have 14 seconds to hit the Q Target Bank 3 times. If you make the 1st or 2nd shot with 0-2 seconds left, you'll get a very brief extension (3 secs?). You get 10M for starting the mode, 10M for the first hit, 20M for the second, and 30M for the third.

You need to successfully finish Q's Pen in order to advance towards the Wizard Mode. This is the most common (for me, anyway) item to be missing.

Lighting Multiball

There are two ways of lighting multiball; one involves shooting the Center Eject Target to light the Lock Ramp for Virtual locks, and then collecting Virtual locks. The other involves draining without doing any work until Ball 3 starts. If you haven't gotten multiball by the start of Ball 3, the game will light both Satellite and Tank Multiball.

If you want to do it the hard way, shoot the Center Eject Target until the Lock Ramp is lit for a Virtual Lock. You only need one hit for your first two multiballs; then you need 2 hits to start the third. Not sure after that.

Collect two Virtual Locks to light Satellite Multiball. The top left inlane switch will raise the Pop-Up Ramp for a shot at the rotating Satellite dish. You need to get the ball on the magnet in the center of the dish in order to start Satellite Multiball.

While Satellite Multiball is lit, if you hit the Center Eject Target, the Right Ramp will be lit for Tank Multiball. If you hit it again, the Mode Start Lane will also be lit for Tank Multiball.

Tank Multiball

Tank multiball is a 4? ball multiball with a short ball saver. The 3 ramps and the Mode Start Lane are lit for Jackpot, which is cycled by hitting any of the Guard Targets. The Jackpot value can be 10M (unlit), 25M, 50M, 75M, or 100M. The best way to get high-scoring jackpots is to get the value up to 100M and then not miss any jackpot shots :) Upon collecting all 4 jackpots, they are relit for another go.

If you manage to drain all but one ball before making -any- jackpot shots, you can restart Tank Multiball by shooting the Right Ramp within 20? seconds.

Satellite Multiball is cooler. And more lucrative. So starting Tank Multiball can be kind of a drag. Fortunately, you can -cancel- it by pulling the trigger during the tank animation. Satellite Multiball will continue to be lit. You can relight shots to start Tank Multiball by shooting the Center Eject Target, in case it turns out that you really did want to play it for some reason.

Satellite Multiball

Satellite Multiball is a 4? ball multiball (not counting the one stuck to the Satellite) with a short ball saver. The 3 ramps and Mode Start Lane are lit for Jackpots, and score just like in Tank Multiball.

If you complete all 4 jackpots without dropping below 2 balls in play, the Left Inlane will raise the Pop-Up Ramp for a shot to knock the ball -out- of the Satellite! This is pretty cool, and is worth a very cool 200M if you make it.

Also, upon finishing your game, you get to put in your initials as the last player to collect the Satellite Jackpot. The initials are shown during attract mode, and maybe somewhere else too...

If you get down to 1 ball before completing the jackpots or knocking the ball out of the Satellite, then the Satellite ball is returned to you to automatically continue multiball! This is amazingly handy, and I'm kind of surprised that nobody had ever thought of doing something like this before.

Once you knock the ball out of the Satellite (or it comes out on its own and you complete the jackpots), then the Super Jackpot is lit. It's a roving jackpot that automatically cycles between the four jackpot shots. It's worth 150M, which seems strange right after picking up 200M for the Satellite shot.

After the Super Jackpot, the four regular jackpots are lit, and completing them leads to another SJ, and so forth.

If you somehow manage to miss all the jackpots, drain all but one ball, get the extra Satellite ball, and drain -another- ball before shooting a jackpot, you get ANOTHER restart chance. Shoot the Right Ramp to start Tank Multiball. You can't abort it. You should be grateful to be in multiball at all :)


Your base bonus is the sum of your ramp shots plus your Mode Start Lane shots, multiplied by 1M. If you fail to make any of these shots, you are given a 1M pity bonus. Your base bonus is multiplied by your bonus multiplier for your bonus value, which is displayed at the end of your ball or after getting Collect Bonus. You don't get to see what your base bonus or your multiplier is, you are only shown the final product.


You can light and start multiball during any 007 Encounter, Shootout, Goldeneye ramp hurryups, and/or Q's Pen. The running mode will pause and resume once multiball is over.

You can play Shootout, Q's Pen, and/or the Goldeneye ramp hurryups during a 007 Encounter, but you can only start them during non-mode play. You can start and play Shootout, Q's Pen, or the Goldeneye ramp hurryups while any of the others is running, assuming that no 007 Encounter is running.

The Train/Tank Multiball 007 Encounter will pause other running features just like Satellite or Tank Multiball.

All features also continue to run during Eject or Die. I'm not sure if you can start features, but you should be spending your time going for the Eject Target anyway, so it shouldn't matter to you :)

If you are prone to high blood pressure, do not start Eject or Die during the Extra Ball hurryup -- one target means 0 balls or 2 balls and you have only a few seconds to hit it ... no pressure ...

Wizard Mode (the difficult-to-achieve award)

To light Goldeneye's wizard mode, you must complete the following in any order: Start and end (but not necessarily successfully complete) all 5 modes, complete the 007 Top Lanes, finish Shootout, successfully complete Q's Pen, and spell GOLDENEYE. You'll know when it's lit when the 5 mode indicators start flashing. Start the wizard mode at the Start Mode Lane.

What happens now? Find out yourself! Once you've done it, feel free to check the Spoilers below for more info. But not until then. It won't be as exciting or feel as good your first time through if you've already read about how the mode works.

Novice Mode / Regular Game

Upon starting the game, you have 8 seconds to decide between Novice Mode and Regular Game. Novice Mode means that you are guaranteed an infinite number of balls (no penalty for drains) for 2 minutes. Then your next drain will be your last (unless you have an extra ball or Eject or Die). Regular Mode is a more conventional style game, and is automatically selected if you don't pick one.

Wizard Mode (not the award, the type of game you can start)

To enable, press the left?/right? flipper while pressing Start. I didn't notice anything different, but I only tried it once.

League Play

To enable, press the right?/left? flipper while pressing Start. I haven't been able to pin down if this does anything other than show the sum total of players 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 during a 4-player game. I wonder if Mystery award are the same, not that it would really matter that much.


There isn't one, presumably to cut costs. When you get a replay, a very loud BLOP sound comes from the speakers. The first time I heard it, I thought the sound system had crashed or the speakers had blown or something. It was, and continues to be, somewhat unnerving. It does get the message across to the rest of the arcade that you've won a credit, and specifically that you won it on Goldeneye. I'll be interested to see if Twister, Sega's next game, also uses this feature.


There don't seem to be any. I'm not sure if this is an option the operator can enable or not.


Credits for the creation of this rule sheet are due for:

Credits for the creation of the pinball game are available in the attract mode. I'd like to include them here, schedule permitting.

More Work Needed

There are a number of as-of-yet-unanswered questions in this rule sheet, some numbers which are not entirely known for certain, and probably some outright errors. Please mail corrections to me, or post them or . If you have corrections to the spoilers, please include a spoiler warning as below when posting to r.g.p.

Easter Egg Hunt

Goldeneye is chock full of hidden or subtle tidbits. Yes, there is a cow. Here's a checklist of things you should look for:

  1. A cow
  2. Your initials -during- the game, not in the Attract Mode or in the Instant Info. Well, they're somebody's initials. They could be yours if you've done well recently.
  3. The word POW!
  4. A dinosaur
  5. The word CHICAGO

There's more, too, but this should get you started. If you've found them all, give yourself a large pat on the back.


Below I've included how to complete Shootout, a description of the Wizard Mode (the difficult award), a strategy guide, and the answers to the above Easter Egg Hunt (along with a bunch more not on the checklist). I included 25 or so blank lines or so between each item so you can avoid spoiling the surprise on certain features. Now go away, and don't come back until you've made a good-faith effort to figure this out all on your own.

I said go away! If you don't leave now, you'll see how Shootout works...

Editor's note: 25 blank lines removed.


James is telling you to "Shoot to Kill" ... well, what do you shoot people with ... the game comes equipped with one ...

You'll need 6 presses to finish Shootout, 2 for each guard. The first shot is 2M, then 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, and then Eject or Die is lit. I -told- you that you would kick yourself.

Wizard Mode spoiler approaching...

Editor's note: 25 blank lines removed.

Wizard Mode

The difficult-to-achieve Wizard Mode is called *GOLDENEYE!*, with asterisks and an exclamation point, I presume, to distinguish it from the GOLDENEYE ramp hurryup thingy. All 5? balls are kicked out, with a short-if-any ball saver. *GOLDENEYE!* ends when you are down to 1 ball. All switches are worth 3M/hit, and ramps are worth 20M. But the most important thing is that every 50 switches, a new ball is added into play. There is no spinner in this game, so pop bumpers are the best way to rack up lots of switch hits. Keeping the balls in play seems to be more important than making ramp shots.

Once *GOLDENEYE!* is over, you can start 007 Encounters again.

Strategy hints following this spoiler...

Editor's note: 25 blank lines removed.


Starting *GOLDENEYE!* should be your primary goal in the game. Satellite Multiball is a nice source of quick points, but the wizard mode can be worth quite a bit more. And since Xenia Extra Ball is the only source of Extra Balls in the whole game, and you can only play the modes again after the wizard mode, there is an added incentive.

Eject or Die can save your life many times over, and is especially important given the absence of a kickback. Since you can stack the Eject or Die awards, completing Shootout a few times can be a very good idea. During Eject or Die, concentrate your efforts on making one good shot at the Center Eject Target. It's not that hard of a shot, so don't rush it more than you have to.

Tank Multiball is less valuable than Satellite Multiball, so you should usually abort it. If you desperately need only a few points, it might be safer to just play Tank Multiball than risk the chance of not getting Satellite Multiball.

The GOLDENEYE ramp hurryup sequence can be worth quite a lot, if you make the finishing Satellite shot. 300M is nothing to sneeze at.

Don't play Q's Pen any more than you have to. It's difficult, it's not worth much, and it's potentially hazardous. If you need to make a shot at the Q Target Bank from the right flipper, try banking the ball of the lower part of the Shootout bank into the Q targets.

Most of the modes aren't worth the effort. If one of the other features is running (that you started before starting the mode), it's almost always better to do that first. The obvious exception is the hurry-up extra ball mode.

Avoid hard shot to the Right Ramp if your machine is prone to outlane hops.

In Multiball, don't spend too much time worrying about the current jackpot value. Especially in Satellite Multiball, when you have a guaranteed 150M SJ shot available after every 4 jackpots.

Easter Egg spoiler follows....

Editor's note: 25 blank lines removed.

Easter Egg Hunt Hints

  1. At the beginning of the game, before Player 001 plunges his/her first ball, James walks across the display, turns, fires, and kills whomever was looking through the camera lens. Well, you've got a gun -- think you're faster on the draw than 007?

  2. Specifically, a game good enough where you got the Satellite Jackpot...

  3. It's something that shoots and packs a big punch. Look closely at just the right time...

  4. See #1

  5. This isn't that hard. There's lots of other cities too...

Answers below... Editor's note: 25 blank lines removed.

Easter Egg Hunt Answers

  1. Pulling the trigger as James turns during the initial animation at the very start of the game will lead to one of these events:

    • James falls over dead
    • James is blown into tiny bits
    • James is chased away by the giant head of Xenia Onatop
    • James is flattened by a falling pinball game
    • James is chased by Q in a wheelchair "Oh, grow up 007"
    • James is chased by a cow :)
    • James is chased by the T-rex from Jurassic Park :) :)
    • James is chased by a MULTIBULL :) :) :)
    • James is pursued by a flaming comet-like skull. I doubt this is supposed to be the No Fear skull, but anyway...
    • James' clothes fall off (except his briefs, of course)
    • James runs away from 4 bouncing pinballs ("Balls Draining" animation)

    If there are any more of these, please let me know. I kind of doubt it; I've been through the list too many times.

  2. The current Satellite Jackpot champ's initials are shown in the bottom right of the display of the satellite when Satellite Multiball is lit. Very cool!

  3. Tank Multiball. POW! is visible in the center of the smoke during the starting animation.

  4. see #1

  5. In Send Spike, you start at Russia and advance 2 cities for every lit ramp shot. I believe this is the complete list:


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