F-14 Tomcat


F-14 TomCat Rule Sheet
V1.0 5/21/1998
By Damon Beals
L-1 Roms

Design and Concept: Steve Ritchie
Software: Eugene Jarvis
Graphic Design: Doug Watson
Sounds: Bill Parod and Chris Granner

This is my first stab at a rule sheet, so I thought I would start with a older and simpler game and one that I own, so here it goes, Note that F-14 and all the stuff I am going to talk about is Copyright Williams and Company 1987.

Game play is about you being a F-14 pilot and you are trying to down General Yagov, which is a bad guy which sound sort of Russian, he does call you comrad a few times in the game. (Boy how times change). You kill General Yagov by killing all eight of his planes, or buy getting a replay score. He is always taunting you by telling you that "You can't win" or Laughing at you or telling you "Now you di,di,die" with a little Max Headroom thrown in.

Info from the Score Card right off the Machine

F-14 TOMCAT Pre-Flight Checklist

Score T-O-M-C-A-T to light: LOCKS, MB, RELEASE, RIPOFF

Launch Ramp lamps: Red = LOCKS; BLUE = LANDINGS

Shoot lit Release or Ripoff with 3 LOCKS to start MB

Shoot Launch Ramp DURING MB to score LANDING, 3 Landings win FIGHER JACKPOT

Kill Gen. Yagov or lit KILL Targets to advance KILLS toward EXTRA BALL

Shoot FLY BY to light and score BONUS X and Start HOT STREAK

Shoot TOMCAT targets repeatedly to advance HOT STREAK BONUS

Hitting lit 1-6 targets lights Fly By Bonus X and Spinner

Flight Insurance returns last Ball to player for FLY AGAIN, when lit

Top Secret: Multi-ball Special

Play Field

Starting lower right, is a standard ball shooter that launches the ball into a wireframe that end in the upper left of the game where the ball can take three paths for locks, one on the right middle of the PF and the other two in the center next to the Jet Bumper. Red lights flashing let you know when the ball will lock.

Jet Bumper
between the ball locks and the upper TOM CAT targets.

Upper Middle TOM CAT Targets
between orbit, and Jet Bumper, use the upper flipper to score targets.

1-6 Targets
This Targets on vertical on either side of the Center Targets 1-3 on the left and 4-6 on the right.

Right Side CAT Targets
Three standard round targets, mid way up on the PF vertical on the right side.

Left Side TOM Targets
Three standard round targets, mid way up on the PF vertical on the left side.

Center Kill/Rescue Targets
Two standard round targets, located in the middle of the PF.

Right Lock/Release/Landing VUK
Right upper shot that depending on what is lit delivers the ball to the diverter on the left.

Orbit Flyby
left to right side delivers the ball back to lower flippers if you do not use the upper flippers, has Spinner on right side, Flyby is used to increase the Bonus.

Left Ripoff/Extra Ball/Yagov KickBack
This delivers the ball back to the left flipper at great speed.

Four standard length flippers, two lower and two upper directly across from each other.

Sling Shots
Standard size and in the usual location.

Left Outlane/Rescue
Left Outlane has a kick back the delivers the ball to the upper part of the playfield, when lit.

Game Play

To score big you should aim for MultiBall (MB) and then get three Landings, as well as up the Bonus to 8X.

Ball Locks
To locks balls for MB you need to light one set of TOM and one set of CAT targets, then the Lock light is lit and you shoot for the right VUK to lock the ball. The ball diverter has two sets of light for each ball route. Red flashing light means you have a lock just shoot the right VUK, solid Red tells you that a ball is already locked. Blue lights let you how many Landing you have made during MB.

Multi Ball
MB is started by locking three ball and then lighting TOM CAT again and shooting Release (Right VUK). This starts the Four Ball MB. If you are on a game in good shape after the third lock the Beacons on the Back box light up and spin giving a great light show, and music waiting for you Release shot. While in MB three shots to Landing (right VUK) award 150K, 250K and Jackpot which I has always seems to be 703,850. Landings add up so if you only get two in your first MB you can get the third during your next MB.

If you light all the TOM CAT targets both upper and lower, while in MB then Special is lit on both outlanes, which award EB.

1-6 Targets
These target light in order from 1 to 6 and back to 1 hitting a lit target lights the Bonus light in the Flyby orbit. The Bonus is raised but each orbit to a max of 8X after that EB Which can be collected by shooting the left kick back. The targets also light the 1k spinner on the right side of the Flyby orbit.

Center Targets
These two targets alternate between each other and when lit relights the Rescue (KB) on the left outlane. Don't shoot the center targets straight on as that will send the SDTM, shoot the sides of the targets. After your First Yagov Kill inlanes no longer light the Center Kill.

Both left and right inlane have Lites Kill which if you then shoot the two center targets award a Kill. A Left inlane to right VUK will award a Launch Bonus starting at 50K to 250k in 50k steps and also award a lock.

Spinner awards 1k per spin when lit, to light hit a lit 1-6 Target.

Yagov Shot
Eight shots to Yagov award a EB. The eight shots are Alpha, Bravo, Charle, Delta, Echo, Fox, Golf. Also can be used to start MB if you light TOM CAT a second time after your third lock. The KB has a grace period where you get Flight Insurance (another ball) if the KB drains your ball. NOTE: the KB is very fast on a clean machine.

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