Eight Ball Deluxe


Eight Ball Deluxe
by Stephen Jonke
24 Sep 1993

I haven't played the computer version, but here's a basic rundown of the rules of the real machine. I won't bother with the layout of the game since I presume you've seen the computer version.

Ball drop targets (right side bank of 7 drop targets).
Alternate players play alternate sets of balls (they're the same targets, just numbered with different lights) -- that is, player one plays 1-7, player two plays 9-15, player three plays 1-7, ...). Score 2k each. Knocking down all 7 targets lights the 8 ball drop target. The game remembers who had what targets down and resets to the same state on your next ball (one of the cooler features of 8BD -- it resets all of them, then knocks down the ones that should be down.)

8 Ball target (upper right corner).
Scores the point value lit on the playfield: (if none lit it scores some trivial value, 500 I think), 20k, 40k, 60k and increases the value to the next higher level. If the 8 ball is hit when 60k is lit (or if the ABCD lanes advance the value beyond 60k -- see below), then the corner pocket and outlanes light for special. The outlane special lights alternate with sling shot (and pop bumper?) hits. When 8 ball target is lit, hitting it lights the playfield DELUXE targets. When Special light between flippers is lit, scores special. The second and third times (or optionally, only the third time) that the LIT 8 ball target is hit, a special is also scored (the special light between the flippers will be lit when the 8 ball target will score this value.) Note that hitting the 8 ball NEVER resets the ball drop targets (apparently the PC version does this?)!!!

Corner Pocket (pothole behind 8 ball drop target).
Scores ("Super bonus" + bonus) * multiplier -- bonus includes ball targets that are down in current "rack". It's possible to set this to score bonus only (no multiplier.) If special light in front of pothole is lit, scores special as well.

Multiplier targets (upper left inline drop targets).
Scores value indicated on playfield (I forget the exact values offhand) and sets multiplier to value on target (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x.) These targets are deceptively difficult to hit safely.

Bank shot (round target behind multiplier targets.)
Scores lit value on playfield: 50k or special. Can be set so that value alternates with each hit, or so that you can only get one special off it per ball. Also, can set for first value to be 50k, or for it to be special.

Left loop.
Scores lit value (500 points when not lit) and lights next higher value. The sequence of LIGHTS is: 10k, 30k, 50k, extra ball, 70k, special. The sequence of SCORING those values can be set to one of two options: 10k, 30k, 50k are always first. The rest of the sequence is either: EB, 70k, special and camp on 70k; or EB, 70k (camp on 70k) then on next sequence (i.e. all following balls until sequence is completed again), 70k, special, (camp on 70k). So, the latter option means the first time through you can get an EB, but you can't get a special. The second time through you can get a special, but not an EB (hope that made sense!) Then it's back to the first sequence.

A/B/C/D lanes.
In 3 ball play the normal setup is that getting either C or D will spot both C & D. It can be set so that they must be gotten seperately. Getting all the letters (A, B, C and D) spots some drop targets (settable to one or two.) The uppermost unhit target(s) will be spotted. Also starts one thumper bumper flashing (order lit is upper left, upper right, bottom), and increases the value of the 8 ball drop target. If A and B (the top rollovers) are gotten and either C or D is still lit, then one of the top rollover lanes will be lit for 25k points. The lit one alternates with thumper bumper and slingshot hits. After ABCD is completed the 25k light goes out.

Thumper Bumpers (pop bumpers).
I THINK they are worth 500 points when not flashing. A flashing thumper bumper is worth 3000 points per hit.

Playfield DELUXE (6 round targets offset behind and between ball drop targets).
Score 3k, lit or unlit. When lit, also unlights the corresponding letter. Getting DELUXE scores the value lit on the playfield: 50k or special (which alternates and is settable similar to the bank shot) and resets the ball drop targets. It is possible to set it to NOT reset the drop targets, but instead relight the DELUXE targets (which is no fun IMHO.) If drop targets are reset, then getting DELUXE also adds 56k (=8*7) to the "super bonus" (SB). In any case, if DELUXE is lit and the ball drains before completing it, 56k is added to the SB and the drop targets will be reset on the next ball. The game can be set so that on the next DELUXE after a failed attempt only the remaining lights will be lit, or it can be set so that they all relight. In addition, scoring DELUXE on the playfield lights the next unlit letter in DELUXE on the backglass (optionally this can be set so that only DELUXE's that net a special add a letter).

Backglass DELUXE.
Getting the backglass DELUXE (see above) causes the DELUXE letters to do a "dance" :) and wins a settable number of specials (0 to 3) -- CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! These letters remain lit between games.

Bonus = ("super bonus" + (7k * ball drop targets currently down)) * multiplier.
Note that the lit 8 ball target when knocked down counts as well, but not if it was NOT lit.)

Super Bonus.
Super Bonus is either 0, 56k or 112k. Each time DELUXE is lit and completed, AND IF getting deluxe resets the drop targets, then 56k is added to the Super Bonus. In addition, if DELUXE is lit (by getting all ball targets and hitting the lit 8 ball), but is NOT completed before the ball drains, 56k will be added (and the drop targets will reset on the next ball). The value is kept throughout your game and maxes out at 112k. One thing I'm not certain about is what happens at the end of your current ball if the SB is 112k and you get and finish DELUXE during the ball, reseting the drop targets -- does your bonus for that ball include 168k SB, or still only 112k? I need to check this out. Keep in mind that the SB is added to the normal bonus BEFORE multiplying.

WHEW!! And some people say that these old games aren't complicated! I'm sure I've left something out, or gotten something wrong, so post corrections.


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