Dirty Harry


Professional and Amateur Pinball Association's Guide to William's Dirty Harry
Version as of January 11, 1995

DISCLAIMER: This rule sheet is meant as a guideline only, and is not an official documentation. To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this rule sheet is accurate. However, due to various ROM editions, operator setup options, and tournament modes, the rules of any particular game may deviate from those listed below. The rules of the game are always final, and any discrepancies between this rule sheet and the actual game rules cannot be used as a basis for protest.

This rule sheet is based on rules provided courtesy of Williams Electronics, and updated by Don Coons and Dave Stewart for distribution at PAPA-5.

Skill Shot

Use the left flipper to select one of the three possible awards on the display. Pulling the trigger launches the ball and awards the highlighted selection on the display. The choices are:

Ramp shot
Magna-force activates, giving the player a slow feed to the upper flipper for the left ramp shot for a point award skill shot. This value increases after every previous successful skill shot.

Load gun
The ball is loaded into the gun, and the skill shot target is the HQ, or mode start hole. If made, you will be awarded a skill shot value, and the current flashing mode will start. [Strategy: Always go for this. Not only does it give you points, starting at 5M incrementing by 5M every successful time, but it also lights a mode].

3 Bullets
Spot 3 bullet targets.

2 Million
Collect 2M points

Advance bonus multiplier.


Completing all five badges (HQ, Left Ramp, Safehouse, warehouse, right ramp) will light multiball.

To start multiball, shoot the left ramp or the warehouse to load the gun. The right ramp is jackpot, the left ramp is super jackpot (2x jackpot). The player gets one shot with the gun at super jackpot, and then multiball play commences. Super jackpot will stay lit permanently throughout multiball, if a jackpot is made, the warehouse will relight jackpot.

Super Jackpots start at 50M, regular jackpots at 25M, jackpots values are increased by hitting warehouse during multiball.

If no jackpots were made during multiball, there will be a last change jackpot during single ball play immediately after multiball. The player then has a short time to make a jackpot shot.

Modes and Major Awards

Shotgun Shell Modes

Shooting the outer loops will light the HQ hole. Shooting the HQ hole when lit will start the current flashing shotgun shell mode. They are:

Barroom Brawl
A 25-second timed mode. Shoot the ramps as much as possible. The left ramp is worth twice as much as the right ramp, and initial value of the right ramp is 10M.

Car Chase
A 20-second timed mode. Shoot both loops and the left ramp. If the player makes four shots in any combination before the time runs out, the player will receive an added finishing bonus.

Warehouse Raid
A 25-second timed mode. Shoot the warehouse as much as possible for 10M+5M and contraband items.

Letter bomb
Shoot the safehouse four times within 25 seconds. Every switch is awarded a `bomb value,' which is initially 100K and increases after each safehouse hit. Score starts at 25M.

Meet the Mob
Both ramps and both loops are lit for 20 seconds. Shoot each one once before the timer expires.

Stop Scorpio
Various crosshair pointer lights are flashing and timing down. Shooting one turns it off, and another lights up, and starts timing down. Crosshair shots can be added by shooting the safehouse. Each ramp is worth 15M during mode, HQ hole value starts at 10M, mode stops when you hit HQ hole. The mode is over when a) all crosshairs time out, b) when the ball is shot into the HQ hole, where the player is given bonus finishing points, which is the total ramp scores plus HQ value.

Completing all modes starts a 6 ball multiball. During this mode any arrest made is worth 50M. The three arrest targets lit are the warehouse, safehouse, and the mode start hole.


The Safehouse is lit by advancing your rank on the left ramp. The safehouse awards occur in this order:

Bank Robber Hurry-up
A hurry-up that starts at 50M, and is collected by shooting the left loop.

Warehouse Hurry-up
Shoot the warehouse before the hurry-up finishes and the player is rewarded with a two ball multiball where the jackpot value is the hurry-up value, and the jackpot shot is the warehouse. Value starts at 20M.

Light Extra Ball
Lights the Extra Ball at the HQ hole.

Super Loops
Both loops are lit for a short time. Shoot a loop to restart the timer, and increase the loop value for the next shot.

A multiball where the jackpot is on a flashing crosshair shot. Make it, and it moves to another crosshair.

Bullets And The Magazine

Completing all of the bullet targets scattered around on the playfield, advances the awards on the MAGAZINE by flashing the lowest available. Shoot the Warehouse to collect the lowest flashing award on the magazine.

The awards are:

Magnum Jets
Until the end of the current ball, all jet hits are worth 1M.

Magnum Bullets
Until the end of the current ball, all bullet targets are worth millions.

Light Extra Ball
Lights the Extra Ball at the HQ hole.

Light Shoot-out
The exits are lit. If the ball drains on an exit, the current player is instantly thrown into a multiball where the player must complete all of the bullet targets. Balls are continuously fed for a short period of time. After 20 seconds, all balls are drained, and the player's ball is over.

Playfield Promotion
All scores are multiplied by up to 5x for a short period of time. The multiplier is based on what the player's current RANK is, which is earned by multiple shots up the left ramp.

Always trap ball and look at the warehouse for lit awards, since most of the time you end up picking up bullets from bullet ricochets.

Regulation Play and Non-mode Stuff

Lanes and bumpers
The lanes alternately increase jet value and multiply the current ransom value. The ransom value is built by the jets and unlit HQ hole shots.

Return Lanes
If the ball rolls down the left return lane, Magna Force is lit for a short period of time on the right loop. If the shot is made, Magna Force will grab the ball, award points, and then allow a slow feed to the upper flipper for a shot at the left ramp. The right return lane briefly light ransom at the HQ hole. If made, the ransom shot collects the ransom value. Ransom can be multiplied by the upper lanes above the jets, or by making combination shots just before making the ransom shot (therefore, the ransom shot would be the player's last shot in the combo.)

Left ramp
Multiple shots up the left ramp will earn the player increasing ranks. Achieving a new rank lights the safehouse.

Right Ramp
Multiple right ramp shots, called helicopters, lights `Feel Lucky' at the warehouse. Shooting the right ramp twice consecutively will divert the ball to the right flipper, and light `ricochet' for a short period of time on the left loop.


Contraband can be collected at the warehouse when lit. These items are usually worth just points, but they can be worth an extra ball.

Warehouse also collects the lowest flashing magazine award when lit.

When Feel Lucky is lit, and the warehouse shot is made, the player then has the opportunity to choose between two awards using the flippers. The left flipper will award points, the right flipper will load the gun for a shot at a flashing bullet target. If the gun shot is successful, the player earns a better award, these awards could be double points (of the left flipper choice), extra balls, super ricochet (where ricochet is lit for the rest of the ball), bonus X's, etc.

Tournament Settings

The following settings will be in effect at PAPA:

Skill Shot
You will always be able to select for Ramp Shot and Load Gun. The third choice will follow this pattern: Ball 1: Bonus X, Ball 2: Millions, Ball 3: 3 Bullets.

Feel Lucky Awards
The award choices will not be random, but will instead occur in this order: double feel lucky points, advance magazine, advance rank, bonus multiplier, super ricochet, hold bonus.

Shotgun Shell Modes
The modes will not be randomized by the slings or jets. They will occur in this order: Barroom Brawl, car chase, warehouse raid, letter bomb, meet the mob, stop scorpio, crime wave.

No extra balls will be awarded. The Light Extra Ball on the magazine will be skipped over.

Strategy Summary

Always go for start mode skill shot from gun]

Get the left ramp shot down, its a tough shot.

Always aim for super jackpot on gun shot to start multiball, other jackpots are pretty easily gotten form right ramp. If you miss super from gun, hold a couple of balls on the left flipper and shot the other ball from the right flipper to the left loop this will feed the upper right flipper for another shot at the super jackpot. Then alternate right ramp/ warehouse for other jackpots.

Get the right and left loop shots down, a lot of timed awards can be collected here.

Any time you go down the left return lane go for the right loop. Once you get the left ramp shot down it can be very lucrative.

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