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Rulesheet by John Gantert (

This rulesheet was based on A1.07 game ROMs and CP80 display ROMs, and is not guaranteed to be correct, and it is definitely not complete!


Slingshots: Traditional style. Scores 1,030 points. Each hit to a slingshot alternates the outlane special and the Spin-N-Win value.

Flippers: "Ultimate" flippers. These are the Data East solid state flippers. Basically they are timed for high power, then low power holds the flipper. There is no EOS switch. These flippers tend to be too strong (even when in need of repair!) and break the drop targets!

Right inlane: Scores 20,000 points and lights spinner for 5,000 points per spin.

Left inlane: Scores 20,000 points and lights Nitro value.

Outlanes: Scores "BIG POINTS" and 2,000 miles. Big Points is an amount from about 25,000 to 100,000 points (I think it's 25,000 per ball played). Also scores Special when lit (Special alternates between outlanes based on flipper and slingshot hits).

Pit Stop: Saucer just above the left inlane. Scores 15,000 points. When lit, this will release a ball and start multi-ball. When not lit to release a ball it will randomly give an award (see below).

CARRERA: Seven drop targets located above the Pit Stop and below the pop bumpers. Each target is worth 25,000 points. Completing all seven drop targets scores 50,000 points, increases the RPM value, and advances the jackpot value on the backbox. It will also score the Blue Light Special if lit (see below).

Spin-N-Win: This is the spinner in between the two banks of drop targets. The spinner scores 1,010 points per spin and the lit value which is changed by hits to the slingshots and pop bumpers.

Top Hole: Hole above the Flat Tire target that feeds the upkicker. Lights a L-A-P lane.

L-A-P Lanes: 3 top inlanes. Advances RPM and F-A-S-T when flashing. Lighting L-A-P also advances RPM and F-A-S-T.

F-A-S-T Lights: 4 lights indicating progression towards FAST mode (see below).

Pop Bumpers: 3 located below the L-A-P Lanes. Each hit scores 500 points and advances the Nitro Value by 500 points (see nitro target). 40 (operator adjustable) pop bumper hits advances RPM.

Flat Tire: Switch protected by the pop bumpers. Scores 25,000 points and increases pop bumper hits to 1,030 points (which also increases the advance of Nitro Value to 1,030 points!). The pop bumpers will flash after the Flat Tire target is hit to let you know they now score more points.

Checkered Flag: Drop target located just in front of the speed ramp. It is raised during multi-ball and must be hit before a jackpot can be scored.

Speed Ramp: This is the only ramp in the game. It is located just to the left of the Checkpoint. It scores 100 points per MPH (ie: 80 MPH = 8,000 points), and lights a country flag. When all country flags are lit, the ramp is lit for 1 Million points. When all country flags are lit consecutively (8 ramp shots in a row), the ramp is lit for 10 Million points. The speed of the ball up the ramp determines the MPH value. When a certain MPH value is exceeded (see display), the RPM is increased. This ramp also scores skill shot, extra ball and jackpot when lit.

Checkpoint: This is the rightmost lane that feeds to the upkicker. It releases a ball when lit and lights double jackpot during multi-ball. Scores 0 points when not lit.

Nitro Target: Target under the red Porsche located above the right slingshot. Scores 200,000 points when Hot Nitro is lit, collects pop bumper value when blue light below car is lit, otherwise scores 5,000 points.


At the beginning of the first ball, the player can select which style of music should be played during the game. Use the flippers to select the type within 13 seconds, then plunge the ball to start. Choices include:

  • Country
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Rap
  • Classical
  • Soul

Plunge ball. When the upkicker returns the ball to the left flipper, shoot the ramp. You have 5 seconds to do this, and you must not hit any other target before hitting the ramp. This scores 250,000 times the ball in play. (ie: 250,000 on ball 1; 500,000 on ball 2; and 750,000 on ball 3)

Hit only 1 or 2 switches, and you will get another ball (and another skill shot!).

Bonus is the number of miles. Outlanes score 2,000 miles.

Advancing RPMs advances the Bonus Multiplier up to 8X.

Random awards include:

  • Light Outlane Special
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Mystery Point Value
  • Advance FAST
  • Miles Hold (ie: Bonus Hold)
  • Increase RPM

Increase RPM to start multi-ball.

RPM can be increased by 1000 several ways. These include:
  • Pit Stop random awards.
  • Shooting the spinner when Increase RPM is lit.
  • Completing the LAP lanes.
  • Completing CARRERA drop targets.
  • 40 (operator adjustable) pop bumper hits.
  • Quick shot to the ramp going more than XXX (see display) MPH.


Increase RPM to 6000 and shoot the Checkpoint, or increase RPM to 7000 and shoot either the Checkpoint or the Pit Stop to start 2 ball multi-ball. Increase the RPM to 8000 to start 3 ball multi-ball (RedLine).

Shoot Checkpoint or Pit Stop (when lit) to release another ball and start 3 Ball Multiball (below).

Shoot Checkered Flag single drop target to light jackpot. Jackpot is lit for about 5 seconds. Shoot ramp during this time to score the Jackpot.

Jackpot value is determined by the flashing light on the backbox. Jackpot values are 2 Million, 3 Million, and 4 Million. The value is advanced by completing the CARRERA drop targets. Note that if the Jackpot is at 4 Million and you complete the drop targets, the jackpot will move down to 2 Million! Also, shooting Checkpoint when the Jackpot is not lit and when all three balls are still in play will double the jackpot value the next time the jackpot is lit.

After one ball is lost (2 balls in play), shooting the Checkpoint will light Checkpoint (and Pit Stop?) to release another ball.


All modes are timed. There is a small timer located on the DMD, and when it hits 0:00, it's over. There's no grace period at all. You know when a mode is going to end, by hearing the ticking sound. When the ticking sound stops, the mode is over!

To start fast mode, first complete the LAP lanes which advances the FAST lights. After FAST is lit, shoot the Checkpoint to start the mode!

In this mode, every switch is worth 55,000 points, but mode only lasts for 10 seconds! So to make it worth your while, you need to shoot the spinner or the pop bumpers. It also helps to have multi-ball going when this mode starts.

All FAST scoring gets added to your score at the end of the ball in play, after the bonus is added.

This mode randomly appears after you hit down a drop target. You get 10 seconds to hit down the remaining drop targets for a random award plus 500,000 points.

The random awards include:

  • 1 Million Points
  • Red Line
  • Extra Ball
  • Take High Score
  • Double Score

The ramp is lit for 10 seconds. Shooting the ramp scores 1 or 10 million points (depending on mode). On some machines (operator adjustable) you may be able to repeatedly shoot the ramp for 1 million each shot for 10 seconds. The 10 Million shot can not be repeatedly shot for 10 Million points.

This round is active while the yellow Hot Nitro light is lit. During this round, the Nitro Target scores 200,000 points, and 20 MPH are added to all ramp shots.

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