Captain Fantastic


Rulesheet for
Capt. Fantastic - Bally 1975
by Scott R. Tiesma
Version: 1.0
Date: August 14, 1997
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Capt. Fantastic is an offshoot of the Who's rock opera Tommy. It features some amazing artwork on the playfield and backglass. This art is very politically incorrect by today's standards and was to an extent when it was released as well. The artist hid many sexual scenes in the backglass causing the manufacturer to change it during production (by adding silver stars over the objectionable areas). A home model of this machine was created as well but I do not have any knowledge of the differences between that and the production version (but I do know they are different).

Scoring is only capable of handling 5 digit numbers. As such, rolling the game is not very hard to do (compared to achieving some modern wizard awards). In the 8-10 games I've ever played I was within 10K of rolling it at least twice.


  • Greg Kmiec - Design
  • Dave Christensen - Art

Playfield Layout

In the standard way - starting at the bottom of playfield and working around clockwise.

Left Flippers
There are two of these oriented such that they appear in series (See ascii art drawing below).

=                 Plunger Lane =
= Outlane------------------+ | =
= V Slingshot       Inlane | | =
=   V    Flippers        V V V =
=|       V   V   V          | |=
=| |:                  :| | | |=
=| | :                : | | | |=
=| +-_:              :_-+ | | |=
=|     ``--          ___--+ | |=
=|         ``--  --''       | |=
= ``-- is a single flipper     =

Left Slingshot

Left Outlane
May be lit for special.

Note the lack of a left inlane.

Drop Target 5-Bank
Above the left slingshot is a series of 5 drop targets.

Left Orbit
above the Drop Target 5-Bank is an orbit which deposits the ball into the lane area. This orbit contains rollover switches.


Located in the top 1/2 of the playfield and centered left to right are three bumpers in the standard upside down triangle orientation.

? Targets
slightly above and to the left of the top left bumper is a standup target. A similar target is slightly above and to the right of the top right bumper.

Located directly above the bumpers and in the standard orientation are three ball lanes. The left and right are used for doubling the bonus. The center lane is used for diverting a right outlane drain into the inlane.

Lane Area and Rollovers
Directly above the lanes are three rollover switches. Furthermore, the exit gates of the left orbit and plunger lane are located above these switches. Additional rollover switches are located in the left and right orbits. The right orbit exit does not have a gate; thus allowing some balls which enter this area to exit via the right orbit should they not fall through the lanes.

Right Orbit
an orbit which deposits the ball into the lane area. Three rollover switches are located in this orbit.

Upper Right Flipper
directly opposite the Drop Target 5-Bank is a flipper which can be used to hit these targets. This flipper also represents the start of the right orbit.

Right Outlane
May be lit for ?. A diverter may also cause the ball to travel into the inlane.

Outlane/Inlane Diverter
a diverter mechanism which will open due to certain actions in the game. This mechanism causes a ball traveling down the outlane to enter the inlane.

Right Inlane
lit for extra ball. A ball which travels up the inlane (e.g. rolls across the right flipper and up to the inlane diverter) may open the outlane/inlane diverter as well.

Right Slingshot
standard slingshot.


These rules apply to each ball. Nothing is carried over from one ball to the next.

A ball which goes through the middle lane will open the inlane/outlane diverter until it is used. The diverter then closes and one may use the middle lane to open it again.

Bonus is built up by ??? (Star rollovers?)

Bonus may be doubled by the ball going through both the left and right lanes.

Completing the Drop Target 5-Bank once lights extra ball at the right inlane.

Completing the Drop Target 5-Bank twice lights special at the left outlane.

Completing the Drop Target 5-Bank three times awards a special.

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